Thursday, January 7, 2010

"Happy New Year"

Snow, snow, snow!!! It's been quite a few years since we've gotten this much snow and such cold temperatures! My body definitely picked the right year for "the change"!!! I'm very thankful for my higher body temperatures at this point in my life, especially since the temperature was 2 degrees with a -15 windchill when I got up this morning!!! We have to look for the good in everything right???!!! The fireplace is blazing and Betsy and I are toasty for now!

The photo above is of our front porch taken on Christmas Morning. Two steps "up" but they are not visible! BRRRRR!!!! We still have not been able to get with our boys and families for "Christmas". My husband barely made it home before the storm hit. With a "little one" in one family and a "baby on-board" with the other family it wasn't worth the risk. Bill and I enjoyed our fireplace and some quality time together however! We'll all get together as soon as we can but for now safety is priority!

Above are some ornaments that I made for my boys, husband and grandaughter. Maybe I shouldn't be showing them since "they" haven't even seen them yet!!! Oh well!!! The hockey ornament is for youngest son Harrison. He played hockey for many years and I've been making this ornament yearly, changing the jersey color for each team he played on. Oldest son, Morgan loved nutcrackers as a youngster so he gets a different "Country" nutcracker. This year was Ireland! Granddaughter Chloe was a Koala Bear for her first Halloween so I found this darling Koala to make for her ornament. I stitched it on silver perforated paper and added a few beads on the hat to add a little more sparkle! The Prairie Schooler deer design is for my husband. I've been making deer ornaments for him the last few years because he and Harrison go deer hunting together. They were all very fun to make and I'm always anxious to start the "next years" ornaments!!!

Here we have a great little gift from my wonderful friend Reina! Our beloved Scottish Terrier "Watson" was a part of our lives for 14 years. He grew up along with our boys and was just the "most fun" dog ever!!! What a personality he had! Reina picked this design out of the 2009 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue because she knew I would absolutely LOVE it and I do!!! Watson really loved the snow and would stay out until his skirt and beard were frozen!!! Thanks Reina, I will love it forever!!!

I have another "spectacular" friend, Kathy, who made me this beautiful piece! It's perfect in so many ways!!! I absolutely love the "extreme" tails and wings on these crows and it has "SUNFLOWERS". How could she go wrong with this one?! The design is an older one by Workbasket called "Crow Flowers" . Love it, love it, love it. Thanks so much Kathy!

This is the peice I mentioned in a previous post. I really love this little design, "Joy to the World" by Heartstrings Primitives". It stitched up pretty quickly and I really enjoyed stitching it. A very nice Christmas decoration addition!

I stitched this Workbasket design over one and made it into a little ornament. It was very fun to stitch and I think it turned out pretty cute!

Think that's about it for this post. Thank you all for visiting my blog. I really appreciate it! Hopefully the weather will warm up before long, but if it doesn't, stay warm!

"Happy New Year" to Everyone!!! ~~~~~Anita