Monday, December 10, 2012


I know this is a busy, hectic time of year!!!  Everyone is out there doing some crazy shopping, making lists for food and gifts, baking, wrapping and decorating!  There's never enough time. 
I had an especially wonderful Saturday afternoon/evening with my 4 year old granddaughter Chloe.  I thought she was old enough this year to help bake Christmas cookies and boy was I right!!  Her attention never wavered and we only took time out to have some dinner and back we went to finish decorating our tasty cookies!!!  She had a lot of fun and it was a priceless memory for her GiGi!!!  Now that's what I call a true "gift"!
The Holidays are approaching rapidly so I've decided to run a Christmas Sale to help you out with some of your shopping!  Print out your coupon, rush on in and stock up!  You can bundle up some things to make kits for friends that stitch or... give yourself a little Christmas cheer!!!  The coupon pretty much says it all, so read it carefully!  Hope to see you soon!!!
FYI:  As always, we will be closed from Christmas through New Year's so don't forget:

Holiday Closing Dates:
December 24 - January 1

Here's hoping you have a very
Merry Christmas
and a safe and wonderful,
New Year!!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

"Newbie's" at The Seed!!!

It's been a busy "Fall" here at the shop!  I've had time to get more organized in my office and get caught up on lots of things that I was behind on!!!  People are whizzing in to purchase items to make for Christmas gifts and Life in general is "awesome"!!! 

Somewhere in between all that, I've had some time to design and stitch up some smaller pieces that incorporate some larger count fabrics, some fiber that you may not have tried yet (you should, it's wonderful!!!), and some really cute buttons.  These designs are quick to stitch and they break the monotony of everyday stitching.  I have kits made up for all of these so order quickly!!!  As some of you found out, the last kits I had sold as soon as this post went out!!!

"Hardanger Pumpkin" is back!!!  As you may remember, the fabric used on the previous kit had been discontinued so the new one uses 18 Ct. Dirty Cork Linen.  It looks just as striking as the previous fabric!!!  Design size is 4.2" x 4.2".
"Hardanger Pumpkin" (option 2!)
"Mini Autumn" is an adorable little fall design using a "happy, happy, happy" little scarecrow button from Wichelt Imports.  This fabric is 25 Ct. Mushroom Lugana stitched over 2 threads.  Kits are available using Gentle Art Sampler Threads or DMC threads.  Super cute, super quick!!  Will other Mini Seasons follow???  Design size is 4.8" x.8".

"Mini Autumn"
"Hardanger Christmas Tree" is another design, stitched on 18 Ct. Natural Linen.  It also uses Gentle Art Sampler Wool thread (which is a dream to work with).  It also uses a larger gold bead which adds some definite sparkle to this piece!  I stand it diagonally on an easel so that the tree is upright.  Looks pretty awesome!!!   Kits are also available.   Design size is 4.5" x 4.5".
"Hardanger Christmas Tree"
"Mini Peace" is a fun little design to work on.  Peaceful and relaxing!  You can almost hear those snowflakes falling!  This design is in kit form only at this point since the 20 Ct. Amsterdam Blue Lugana is another discontinued fabric.  Wow, we have quite a time with fabrics these days. I believe I have found an alternate fabric to use in the future though.  The darling little Dove button from Wichelt Imports sets off it's magic!!!  Fibers used are Gentle Art Sampler Thread and DMC.  Design size is 4.2" X 4.2".  
"Mini Peace"
That's it for now!  Please go to the previous post regarding the "Metropolitan Ballet of Topeka" Fund Raiser Designs.  We still have chart packs available for purchase.  Only $5.00 each!!  Please call us to order your copies or come on by the shop.  
It's a great cause, let's support
our local arts!
Happy Thanksgiving to All!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~Anita

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tis The Season!!!

I've been working with Jakica Tancabelic recently to develop some lovely cross stitch designs as a fundraising project to support the "Metropolitan Ballet of Topeka" of which her daughter Nina is a part of.   Jakica designed these ornaments herself which are traditional motifs from her native country.  However, as you can see, they overlap many design traditions!  Amazingly, we are ALL so alike!!! 

100% of the sales of these designs will go directly to the Metropolitan Ballet of Topeka.  We so hope that you will want to support our local talent in this endevor!
 "Christmas Hearts"
 "Clara's Flower"
 "Christmas Star"
 These 4 designs are on display here at The Sunflower Seed so please stop in to see them and purchase your copies at $5.00 each.  If you would like to make a direct donation to "MBT"  please go to for further information.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

NEW DESIGN and a little oopsy!!!

The printer just dropped off the patterns for my newest design, "Up On The Housetop"!!!  Had my 2 little granddaughters in mind when I decided to design this piece.  Just remembering singing this song as a youngster myself, listening to my boys sing it at school programs and no doubt the granddaughters will be singing this one sometime soon just brings a smile to my face!  Hopefully it will do the same for you!
 "Up On The Housetop"
A customer brought a bit of a boo-boo!!! to my attention today on the "Hardanger Pumpkin" design.  Some times the obvious just doesn't scream out to me!!!  I seem to have forgotten the large black cross stitch that goes in the empty squares of the pumpkin.  So sorry about that!!!  Make a giant cross one thread in from the edges of the squares.   Take a close look at this photo,  it's not on your chart.  Again, I'm only human....sorry!  By the way, I have sold out of the original fabric for this design and have only 2 kits left with a smidge brighter fabric.  Thanks to you all who purchased this design!  
 "Hardanger Pumpkin"
Just received my ornament back from the folks at Just Cross Stitch Magazine!!!  It's good to have it home and amongst the previous years ornaments.  It is very fun doing these for Hoffman Media and hopefully I will be invited again next year.  If so, I will come up with another type of ornament to send in.  I really, really do love doing my beaded edges so who knows what might develop!!!

"2012 Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament"
by The Sunflower Seed

That's it for now.  Just wanted to alert you of my "boo-boo" and show off my newest Christmas design! 
Happy Fall You All! ....................Anita

Friday, September 14, 2012


I noticed the other night that is was dark much earlier than I thought it should be already.  Maybe it's just that we've been getting some much needed rain!  Mid September, wow, how can that be???    Time to get started on some Fall/Halloween projects and on to Christmas gifts!!!
A "NEW/QUICK" design from THE SUNFLOWER SEED is already at Hoffman and Norden, and here of course!!  "DARK PUMPKIN" is done on 7 count Sand Klostern using 6 strands of DMC floss and one Rainbow Gallery fiber.  Not so many needle changes, bigger count = project done quickly.  I have kitted this up here at the shop to speed up your ability to get started on this project!  (Not kitted through Hoffman and Norden)  This will give you a quick "jump-start" on your Autumn stitching!

Another "NEW/QUICK" project, also by THE SUNFLOWER SEED, is "HARDANGER PUMPKIN".  This design has a little fancier twist on Dark Pumpkin!  It's stitched on 20 Ct. Light Terra Cotta Lugana using some wool fiber and some pearl cotton along with some beads.   This will be sold only through our shop and in kit form only  as some of the materials used are no longer available.  Just because the title is "Hardanger" Pumpkin do not think you cannot do this!!!  There are no cutting of fibers and no funny little twisty stitches ANYONE can do this one!!  A limited number of  kits are available so call and reserve yours early.  They are selling fast!
In a previous post I showed this model prior to "finishing".  I added Just Another Button Company buttons and finished it using some piping, rick-rack and some burnt orange fabric for the backing.  Love, love, love how it turned out.  These are all the Lizzie Kate "Squared" patterns put together on one piece.  Very cute and we have all the patterns in stock!

Lizzie Kate "Squared" patterns

Another recent finish is the Prairie Schooler "Cats, Bats and Witches" 4-square design.  We used a Dusty Orange Vienna fabric we had on the shelf and really like how it turned out.  All that DMC 3371 just pops off this fabric!!!  Found some awesome limey green fabric at a local quilt shop, added some buttons from our button bins to finish it off and .......
"B-A-Z-I-N-G-A" !!! 

Stand it up on a really cool easel and you'll be ready for those trick-or-treaters when they arrive!!!
Prairie Schooler ~ "Cats, Bats and Witches"
Another new design by THE SUNFLOWER SEED is "A GOOD DAY" and it's getting chuckles all across the country!!!  A good friend is frantically stitching it for her office!!!  Beware fellow co-workers!!!
"A GOOD DAY" by The Sunflower Seed

Last but certainly not least is my "NEWEST" design, "Witches Potion Purse".  My printer dropped off the patterns yesterday and I'm so excited to release this fun little design.  Very quick to stitch up and the finishing is super easy.  The metal purse hardware comes from JoAnn Fabrics so everyone should be able to purchase one without difficulty!  Fill your little purse with scissors, thread, needles, etc. or find your prince charming, in frog form, and drop him inside for safe keeping!!!  This one is fun, fun, fun!!!
Have Lots to do so I better get moving!!!  The cooler weather has boosted my energy levels and hope it's doing the same for you!!! 
Let's get stitching........................Anita

Monday, July 9, 2012

WAHOO!!! The Halloween Collector's Issue Is Here!!!

Lots of "spooky" Halloween designs just waiting to be stitched!!! If you reserved an issue with us you may pick it up at your earliest convenience.  Another great Halloween book packed with small to large pieces from all of your favorite designers...    

 including The Sunflower Seed (pg. 47) !!!  This design is packed with spiders and flies, oh-my!!!
We also have the NEW Stoney Creek magazine packed with Christmas ideas galore!!  Come early, they don't last long in the shop!!!
Nancy just finished up a shop model for us combining all the Lizzie Kate "Squared" patterns.  It turned out so cute and so very colorful everyone will want to stitch this one up for themselves!!!

A couple of new design "sneak" peeks for you from The Sunflower Seed!!!  Here's a little addition to my "Sunflower" series! 
 And a "Fall-ish", "Halloween-ish" design that's a really quick stitch for you!  You CAN have this one ready for THIS Fall season!!!!
Just thought now would be a good time to offer a discount on 2 of our autumn designs.  With the high temperatures outdoors it's a good time to get a jump start on stitching Autumn.  Who knows, it may make you feel a little cooler just thinking about Fall!!!
A 20% discount will be offered when you purchase the fabric, thread and pattern on either of these 2 designs; A Harvest of Blessings and Acorn Autumn.  Discount only applies when purchasing all three components.

Lastly, I wanted to share a photo of my 3 African Violets!!!  I've had these plants for several years now and occasionally I will get "a flower or 2" but never anything like this!!!  I don't think they've bloomed at all for at least 3 years and now look at them!!!  I even caught my granddaughter Zoe plucking leaves off of them on one of her visits!!!The center plant now has about twice this many blooms!!!  Frankly, I usually kill them within the first year of having them so I don't really know what's going on!!!  But, they're making me very happy right now!!!
May your life be filled with blooms
and plenty of cross stitching for your hands! ................................ Anita

Monday, June 25, 2012


I could not believe it when I looked at the temp yesterday and saw that it was 104 degrees!!!  Come on, it's NOT August yet!  On the bright side however, there were some beautiful clouds above our neighbors house.  Can't get much bluer than that!
 Daisy was seeking shade anywhere she could find it.  Needless to say we stayed out only long enough to water plants!

New designs from Prairie Schooler have arrived!  They're all GREAT!!!  From Halloween to Santa, they'll all be great fun to stitch. 

 We also have lots of new Mill Hill  kits that have arrived so you can get started stitching on those during this HOT summer weather.  Might make you feel a little cooler stitching winter things!

 Had several comments on my display for "NEW" Sampler and Weeks threads!!!  We had been laying them on the table and now they seem to catch customers eyes a little better now.  An old Angel Food cake pan perched on top of a paper towel holder on top of a lazy susan!  I have many unusual goodies in my shop closet to make displays with!!!

 And, I use many different props to hold up a framed model!!  This one has brought about many comments and conversations!!!  This jar of beans is from my first garden probably 1976-77.  I got a good seal on it for sure! as it's liquid is clear and the beans are still nice and green!!!!  Not planning to eat them any time soon, I just like looking at them!

 A couple of beautiful Halloween models are in the shop at the moment.  Reita stitched the top one and Kathy stitched the 2nd one.  They're both beautifully stitched so you'll want to stop by and look them over while we have them on loan!

  "Thine is the Trick and the Treat" by Prairie Moon

 "Jenny Bean's Halloween Sampler" by Shakespeare's Peddler

Whenever I'm out watering, my neighbor-dog "Vinnie", usually comes to the fence for a little "neighborhood gossip" session!  We talk about his girlfriend, Dixie and how much he likes living with two little boys.  We didn't talk much yesterday.  All he really wanted was a drink from my sprayer and a little shower to cool off with.  He barked "Thanks" and ran off back to the house for a much needed nap I'm sure!!! 

Stay cool my friends and...stitch-on!~~~ Anita

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Okay... I've had many responses regarding Betsy's design so... here's a photo!!!  I'm waiting on Frame Warehouse to finish framing the companion piece before I take the "official" photo for the pattern cover.  The companion piece will honor our Scottish Terrier Watson, Betsy's compandre!  We had Watson first, then adopted Betsy after the passing of my Father-in-Law.  Watson accepted her into the family without question which made life at our house much easier.  With 2 growing, active sons and neighborhood children coming and going, adding Betsy into the mix was an easy transition.  Watson loved her and we called her his "blonde bombshell" which he didn't seem to mind!!!   We love and miss them both and they will remain.... "Forever In My Heart!!!
"FOREVER IN MY HEART" by The Sunflower Seed
In a previous post I displayed the following "Word Play" designs before finishing.  Kathy has been stitching these sweet designs and I believe she is currently working on her 4th one.  "October" lies in "the drawer" waiting to be  finished!!!  I think they came out really nice and will be easy to store in their "off" months!
"February Word Play" by Brenda Gervais

"March Word Play" by Brenda Gervais
 The 4th of July is racing toward us and we have quite a few designs you could be working on now to show your patriotism!  We're currently waiting on a new shipment due in this week.  Come on by and "get your red, white and blue on"!!!!!
"Patriotic" display at The Sunflower Seed
Talk to you soon and "Happy Stitching" !!!  ...............................Anita

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Think'in 'bout Christmas Yet???

It's hard to imagine but.....things are beginning to arrive here in the shop with Christmas thoughts in mind!  These Mill Hill Kits are such wonderful "quick" projects you can stitch up in a couple of sittings.  They are great items to attach to a gift package, hang on your tree or use as magnets or lapel pins.  The uses are unlimited!  Some of these have already arrived and some we are still waiting on.  They "go fast" so you may want to "jump" on these and get a head start on some of your Holiday stitching!

I'm sure a lot of you have gotten information about the "Lizzie Kate Mystery Sampler Club" so this is a reminder for you.  If you are interested in participating in this you must call or come by and sign up for this 3-part project.  I'll need to know if you are wanting the fabric and floss packets that go along with this sampler.  1 floss color is being created especially for this sampler and it will not come available to everyone else until September but you can get it now by ordering the packet of floss. (19 skeins total for this project)  The fabric is a 30 Ct. Weeks Dye Works linen and the color is being kept secret until the first of the three patterns is released.  There will also be a bonus pattern included in each release.  Release dates are:  June 27, July 27 and August 27.

We also have a sneak peak at this years Just Cross Stitch Halloween Magazine Issue.  Again, if you would like a copy of this you need to come in or give us a call (785-228-0588) to reserve your copy.  Pre-payment is required and if you are not local, Visa, MC and Discover are accepted.  There will also be another "Halloween Collection Book" published this year.  Last year's was such a success they are doing it again.  I was asked again this year to design a project for this publication!!  We are anxiously awaiting a sneak of this new book!!!

Thoughts of Independence!!!  July 4th is just around the corner!  Here's a trio of designs from The Sunflower Seed that are "do-able" stitches you could actually have done in time!!! 

 "America 2012"
 "Proud and Free"

"The Sunflower Seed" is working on a couple (or 3) new designs to be released in the near future.  One is ready to photograph, one is almost stitched and one is designed!!!  One design is a sweet little piece honoring our beloved little shop dog "Betsy" that we sadly lost this past September.  (Never fear---Daisy is still here!)  I knew I wanted to do something for her and finally came up with the idea of using a small design which will also include her collar and tags.  The chart will include 2 color ways; for male and female.  Hopefully it will release sometime next month.  Stay tuned, all dog lovers will want this.  Now I've been asked to do one for cats, which, may come along a bit later. 

One last word, please, "Support Your Local Needlework Shops".  If you don't, they cannot stay in business.  If you see something on the internet, first, ask your local shop if they can get it for you.  Generally they are more than happy to order in these items for you.  Just because you don't see something in their shop doesn't mean they can't get it,  you need to ask them!!!  If you HAVE to purchase something on the internet, please at least purchase from an actual "BRICK AND MORTAR" store (not a business run from someones garage).  You will help keep these businesses ALIVE!  There's nothing like seeing the actual fabric, floss and stitched models that you encounter in a REAL needlework shop!!!  Thank you all for coming, I will step down from my "Soapbox" now !!!!!

Grab your needles and let's get stitching!!!........................................Anita