Sunday, February 28, 2010

"2010" Nashville Needlework Market Releases !!!

This year market was held in a MUCH newer Embassy Suites which was an astounding pleasure to be in! The rooms were larger, the walk ways were larger, and best of all I did not detect any mold growing in every nook and cranny. That was just the worst! Below are some photos of our room display along with a few decorations that we added.

This is a banner that I made using Weeks Dye Works hand dyed wools. We intended to hang it out over the railing but their planter boxes were much too large so we hung it inside our room. We got lots of great comments about it!!!
And, of course, we always display our State Flag somewhere in the room. It covers a TV that was never turned on!!!

We had a great "Nashville" reception with our 7, yes 7, new releases at the recent TNNA Needlework Market!!!!! It's very heartwarming to see the reactions to my designs from shopowners from all over the world. There seems to be more and more European shopowners making the long trip to purchase designs and supplies from all the vendors. It's difficult at times as some don't speak English (most do however) but they KNOW what they like and want which makes us all alike in that respect. Needleworkers are needleworkers no matter where we all come from. You can't get any better than that! Below are my 7 NEW designs:
"Some Days !!!"
R&R Linen & Weeks Dye Works
93H x 91 W
"Hope Is The Thing"
R&R Linen & Belle Soie Silk
249H x 162 W
"Sunflower Santa"
R&R Linen & DMC
80 H x 60 W
"Seasonal Bouquets"
R&R Linen & DMC
Individual: 55 H x 55 W
All Together: 120 H x 120 W
"St. Patty's Day"
7 Ct. Klostern & DMC
28 H x 200 W
"Happy Birthday"
7 Ct. Klostern & DMC
28 H x 200 W
"Be Wise"
R&R Linen & Weeks Dye Works
136 H x 136 W

Reina and I left early Friday morning and arrived without a single glitch thanks to Darin's "tom-tom" that we borrowed. There were several hilarious incidents when that "hidden voice" came out of nowhere and nearly ejected me from the car!!! We also found it funny that "She" does not like it when we need to take a "potty" break!!! We gave her a name but I probably should not reveal it at this time!!! She did deliver us to our "final destination" safely (which we are eternally grateful!!!) and we unloaded our vehicle to very nice 45-50ish degree weather. The roads were all clear and dry once we were east of KC and a little damp when we left Nashville but clear all the way home. Thankfully we missed the storm that hit Topeka again over that weekend.

All in all we had a great time and hope you enjoy seeing what we displayed in our exhibit. I'll post again soon with some of the goodies that we brought back for you all to purchase! Drop by the shop and pick up some of your favorite designs and supplies soon. Things are flying out the door. We'll be getting more things in in the next couple of weeks as some things had to be shipped. Thanks for stopping by and "Happy Stitching"!!! ~~~~~Anita

Sunday, February 14, 2010


I know, I know ..... it's been a long time since my last post. January is ALWAYS my busy, busy time. This will be short as I'm wrapping up all the loose ends in preparation for the:

"2010 Nashville Needlework Market"

Reina and I will leave EARLY this coming Friday morning for a few days of very fast paced work. I've had a "glitch" with my "printer dude" and with getting one piece back from the framer in time for photography. Yikes, I don't like to run that close to deadlines! I've set up our display at the shop for a working preview and have most of the patterns packed. Wednesday and Thursday will be the final pack-up. We've got it pretty much down to a tee after exhibiting for as many years as we have. Hopefully the weather will cooperate for us. It's just been such a crazy winter and guess what, it's snowing AGAIN this afternoon!!! UGH!

We'll have LOTS of "NEW" stuff for you to see when we get back to the shop on Tuesday. I know I'll still be unpacking things. Kathy will be taking care of things at the shop while we're gone so we'll still be "OPEN" and in very competent hands. Kathy has also agreed to care for "Betsy" while I'm away. Betsy LOVES her "sleep-overs" with Aunt Kathy and Uncle Morris!!! I think Muffin just tollerates her though!!!

That's it for now !!! We'll see you all soon with lots of pictures of "goodies" that we bring back !!! YIPPEE!!!

Happy Stitching ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Anita