Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Just picked up patterns from the printer last evening for 2 "NEW" designs by The Sunflower Seed. The first one is a cute little bat stealing "corn" from your Halloween "goody" bag!!! He's cute, but a little ornery, clutching some candy corn in his creepy little talons!!!

"Gimme Your Corn"

"Acorn Autumn" is an earthy vine filled with lots of acorns! I love Autumn! When my boys were little we used to gather acorns by the bag full!!! They're so cute!

"Acorn Autumn"

Been doing some cleaning around the shop lately and have decided to put ALL our Needlepunch patterns on sale at 50% off. They're already starting to go fast so get in here before they're all gone!!!!!

With your "mad" Christmas stitching ahead, I thought I would mention that we carry "Daylight" and "Craftlite" lamps and magnifying lamps. I have the "Dublin" (floor and/or table model) the "Dorset" (table model) and the "Compact" (table model) in stock at the moment. The Dorset and Compact are both great little lamps to take on stitching retreats or move around the house. The Dublin is light weight enough to do that also. The "clean" light that they put out is amazing to stitch by. Come on in and check them out. You may just need a Christmas gift for yourself!!!

Another great item you may want to get is a "stitching stool". These are great to use when stitching for long periods of time. They elevate your legs just enough to take pressure off your upper legs and back. I use mine for sure at retreats and also at home. We have a few in stock now but can order more anytime.

Market was this past week end and we're getting in lots of new Fall, Halloween and Christmas patterns almost daily. Be sure to drop in often as there's ALWAYS something new on our shelves.

Happy Stitching...........................Anita

Monday, August 8, 2011

"ORNAMENT FINISH CLASS" Plus sneak-peak at the new Christmas Ornament Issue!!!

I just got an e-mail this morning with images of the NEW "2011 Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament" Issue!!! If you haven't seen it somewhere else already, here it is! As always we have a sign up sheet in the shop so we'll know just how many we will need to be ordering. Come by, sign up and pre-pay ($7.99) and we'll get one ordered in for you!
Okay, Karen!!!, here it is!!! I will be having an ornament finishing class on 2 dates very soon! Check your calendars for Saturday, August 27~3:00 p.m. to however long it takes and Monday, August 29~7:00 p.m. to, whenever. I can't imagine it will take much more than an hour. Bring paper and pen to take notes. Cost of the class will be $5.00. What a deal!!! I will take you through the steps to create the lovely flat ornaments that you have been seeing popping up on our shop Christmas tree! They really are fun to do and pack away so nicely that they should look the same year after year when you decorate your tree. However, if you attach bows like these 2 being shown, you will have to protect the bows when storing. (or make new ones if they get squashed!)

Example #1 ~ not just a "square" shaped ornament can be made!

Example #2 ~ It's still "good to be square"!!!

Call us @ 785-228-0588 to let us know which day you would like to attend so we have an idea how many to expect. We'll have a good time!

Hope to see you soon!!!..............................Anita