Sunday, December 20, 2009

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things!

We're all counting down the days we have left before family and friends arrive! Wow, it won't be long now! I had a very busy day today and thought I would show you just a tiny glimpse of some of my favorite things!!!

Everyone, I'm sure, knows the "Hippopotamus Song"!!! A few years ago I came home singing this song just about every night since our local radio station seemed to be playing it constantly!!! I really love it and my husband secretly sent out my two sons and eldest sons girlfriend (now daughter in law) in search of a stuffed "Hippopotamus"!!! They searched high and low and this is what they came home with. Great job don't you think???!!! He's truly adorable and I make a place for him every year now!!! This year he sits atop the television!! I also wanted to show you some stitched pieces given to me by some very dear friends. They are very special to me!

From Reita

From Reina

From Kathy

Some of my most favorite tree ornaments were made by the boys in grammar school. The flower pot bell and grapevine wreath was made by Harrison, the styrofoam snowman was made by Morgan. The boys are now 28 and 21! The brass ice skates were given to Harrison since he played hockey from about age 10 through high school.

This next snowman was made when my oldest son was in pre-school. The tag reads: "Heidi & Peter Pre-K2"!!! He was then known as "Morgan H" as there was also a little girl named "Morgan Lynn" in his class! For the longest time whenever anyone asked what his name was he always said "Morgan H"!!! How cute is that!!!
The wooden wolf ornament below was given to me by Morgan when he was maybe a freshman. The tag says 1996 and it's made of olive wood. Very nice! Then below that is a wonderful stitched piece made by Harrison! I'm not sure how old he was at the time but he had decided he wanted to cross stitch. He obviously was too young to grasp the concept but I saved it none the less! A couple years later I ran across this piece and decided that I wanted to save it forever and thought a Christmas ornament would be just right for it. The neighbor boy even stitched his initials on it! I can still see both little boys sitting on the couch in our basement, needles in hand!
The little "tongue depressor loom" shown below was also a school project Harrison brought home one year! How cute is that!!! If you look closely you can see that he signed his name at the upper side. And, of course, another one of his hockey ornaments!
"Morgan's 1st Christmas" sled ornament was made by a family member and has been on our tree for 28 years now! The little soldier pull toy was also one of his first ornaments.
Several wooden ornaments below were given to Morgan by my mother for his first Christmas. And, of course, the bubble lights which both boys loved!

Now, here's a gift that will surprise most of you! I received this one year from my youngest son Harrison. I think he was 8 or 10 years old at the time. He was always a very mechanical kid. (The neighbor lady came across the street one time to have him start her lawn mower. He was young enough that he wasn't allowed to cross the street by himself!!!!) Anyway, he wanted to learn to weld and after a few instructions from"Dad" this is what he made me! It's a little hard to see in the photo but it says, Love, William, Morgan, Harrison. He cut out hearts, a Christmas Tree and our house. I made the frame and cut-outs out of barn wood from my Granddad's barn. I put some sponged red poster board behind the tin so the cuts would show better.
And, along the bottom it says "Merry Christmas Mom".

Today was my last chance to make my traditional iced sugar cookies that the boys love so much. Anyway, I think they love them!!! I didn't make as many as I usually do but I think there will be plenty. Husband now has diabetes and I don't need them (love 'em, but don't need 'em!) so what doesn't get eaten for Christmas will go home with the boys!
Mixing the frosting!

Cookies "lying in waiting"!
Color mixed in ~ Yellow for Stars ~ Pink for Santa's
Blue for Bells ~ Green for Trees
Sprinkles have been added and part of them put away!
Whew!!! what a job ~ they wear me out anymore!
Time to pack them up, throw them in the freezer till Thursday!!!

Betsy ~ Just waiting for a morsel to fall from the counter!!!
It's hard work being "floor monitor"!!!

Just have to wrap the gifts and I "think" I'm ready!!! Can't wait to see all the kids and experience the joy of Chloe's 2nd Christmas!!! Next year we'll have a "new" grandchild ~ So Exciting!!!

Here's wishing you Peace, Love and Joy throughout this Holiday Season!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"Last Hours" Do-Able Projects !!!

"Sleeping Beauty-Betsy" !!!

Okay !!! Okay !!! I know I've already fallen behind with this blogging thing!! I'm sooooo sorry, but cut me a little slack, it's a busy time of year !!! I've been trying to figure out what gifts to buy and have been busy stitching, knitting and crocheting. I know this holiday comes around EVERY year, and really, I should start sooner, but, I don't seem to do that, as I'm sure a lot of you are in the same boat. I'm paddling fast so as not to sink !!!

The opening photo is how I usually catch Betsy every morning before our daily trek in to work! She gets up, goes outside, eats her breakfast, gets her insulin, then jumps on the couch to catch a few "ZZZZ's" before we leave for the shop. It takes a lot of energy to bark and growl at everyone!!! I just thought this was such a cute photo of her, she really is the sweetest dog! I wanted to share this photo with you!

I recently finished stitching and framing the top piece shown below in the photo. The pattern is so sweet and the photo on the cover doesn't do it justice (as most photos don't). This chart pack comes with all 3 designs and is done by "Heartstring Primitives". I thought I had my camera here at the shop but I happened to leave it at home this morning. Otherwise you would be seeing a photo of the actual stitched piece. Maybe another time.
"Joy To The World"
by Heartstring Primitives

Below you'll find a few designs that you could actually finish up in time for some last minute gift giving. "A Very Merry Winter" by JBW Designs is a very sweet little snowman. One of my customers brought her finished piece in yesterday to show me. She stitched hers on a very nice blue fabric which really made this snowman stand out. It was much prettier than the cover photo!

"A Very Merry Winter"

by JBW Design

A quick little Santa to stitch:

"2009 Santa"
by Heart in Hand

Some quick tree ornaments:

" Christmas Tree Collection IV"

by JBW Designs

"Christmas Tree Collection III"

by JBW Designs

You could frame this one, make a pillow, stitch over 1 for an ornament:

"Cranberry Deer Pinkeep"

by Beehive Needleworks

More great ornaments from Homespun Elegance:

Merry Noel Collection ~ "Mr. Candy Cane"

by Homespun Elegance

(Rats!!! I just lost the photo of "Joyous Heart" also from Homespun Elegance)

Hopefully you're not as behind as I am at this point but at least I've given you a few ideas to get you out of the dog house!!! Ruff, ruff!!!

Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciat it! Here's a VERY WISE little recommendation from "Granddaughter Chloe", if things get a little too stressful, stop everything and have yourself a little "Ben and Jerry's" !!! It's sure to put a smile on your face and give you the "sugared courage" to go on!!!!!

Happy Holidays To One and All !!!!!! ~~~ Anita

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

As Promised!!! ~ NEW Christmas Designs!

The first Christmas design shown below is called "Christmas Fun" to go along with our "Halloween Fun" released just a bit earlier. These designs are so quick and easy to stitch you're done in no time at all! Stitch the designs all together or stitch them separately and make ornaments. We used Picture This hand-dyed 28 Ct. "Relic" Cashel linen. (Our photo color on the fabric isn't quite what it actually looks like but kinda close! Photos are very tricky!!! We try our best.) The design size of the combined piece is 83 H x 65 W. Each ornament design is approximately 2 1/4" x 2 3/4". We used Weeks Dye Works Wool fabric to back the ornaments. Gentle Art Sampler Threads were used for stitching. We used frame #OLK-HED from East Side Mouldings.

"Christmas Fun"

Next we have an addition to our Celtic Collection, "Celtic Christmas". The stitch count of this design is 170 H x 104 W. We used 30 Ct. R&R "Antique Cotton" linen and The Thread Gatherer "In The Burgundy" silk floss along with Rainbow Gallery PB01 Treasure Braid. The rich Burgundy and metallic gold give this design an extra-festive flair. The framing was done by our wonderful local framer, "Frame Warehouse"!

"Celtic Christmas"

Check out our web site at to view other Celtic designs; Celtic Pumpkin, Celtic Shamrock along with other Christmas designs.

We really appreciate when you take the time to stop by for a visit!!! Here's wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving and please enjoy this upcoming festive holiday season! Slow down, take a deep breath and 'full speed ahead'!!!!!

"Tis the season to be stitching!" ....................Anita

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What Else Is Going On Around Here?

I myself haven't been stitching so much lately. Not sure why, maybe just a little burnt out. I have, on the other hand, been doing a bit of knitting; some fun things for my sweet little granddaughter! Here's a photo of the felted Halloween bag I made for her which turned out REALLY cute!!! (and so soft!!!)

Then, here's a little red sweater I've knitted for the soft little teddy bear she carries around when she's at "Gi-Gi and Poppy's" house. I think I just needed some quick easy projects that I could finish up fast to obtain that sense of "finish" that we all seem to need at times. That instant gratification thing!

However, market in Nashville is in the very near horizon so I have to get "CRACKING"!!! I do have several pieces "in the works", it's just sticking with them that seems to be the problem. Last night I did stitch a while on my largest piece for Nashville debut. It's a companion piece to last years "Song of Solomon" stitched on R&R hand dyed linen and with Crescent Colors Belle Soie silk. OMG, that is the most wonderful thread to work with!!! If you haven't tried it, you MUST!!! I can't show you a photo of this new design since it will not be released until February. Well, maybe just a "teaser"!!!

I have 2 new Christmas designs just about ready for release! I'm expceting photos to be delivered sometime today so, check back VERY, VERY soon as we'll have those posted ASAP!!!

Until later ...................Anita

Monday, November 16, 2009

"A Little Bit O' Santa"

I think we'll feature this jolly ole' guy we like to call "Santa"!!!! He really deserves to be in the spotlight at this point in time. We have some great new designs in the shop right now so I wanted to show them off a little. Each and every one are well worth your time to stitch.

This first one is called, "Twelve Days of Christmas" from the designers of Bent Creek. It's packed with such excitement!!! The stocking stitch count is 96 x 145 and the framed piece is 76 x 137. The stocking is done on 18 ct. natural linen and the framed model is done on 32 ct. natural linen.

"Twelve Days of Christmas"

Next, we have the "newest" addition to the stockings from Shepherd's Bush. "Jeffery's Stocking" is just the cutest!!! In this one the shepherd is minding his sweet little flock. These stockings are stitched on 18 ct. natural linen and the stitch count is 120 x 167.

"Jeffrey's Stocking"

Next we'll have a little tribute to Santa and his sleigh!!! There's some really great designs out depicting the awesome flight of Santa and those wonderful, faithful reindeer! "Christmas Eve" by Prairie Schooler almost comes alive for us. You can almost hear the sleigh bells as they speed over the roof tops through the icy snowflakes!! This pattern also includes three smaller designs that will work up wonderfully as ornaments! The stitch count for the large piece is 77 x 155 and the ornament size pieces are approximately 35 x 35.

"Christmas Eve"

"Santa Arrives Tonight" is Homespun Elegance's 2009Sampler Ornament. These are so cute hopefully you have collected each and every one of these over the years! If not, let me know and I can order them in to complete your collection. Rudolph is working expecially hard to make it up over that roof top!!! These ornaments stitch up quick and are so fun to do! The stitch count is 44 x 54 and stitched up on 30 ct. linen over 2 threads they are about 3" x 3 1/2" finished.

2009 Sampler Ornament: "Santa Arrives Tonight"

"Jingle All the Way" by Notforgotten Farm is a wonderful primitive design that for some reason brings back my childhood memories of Christmas. I just love this one as I'm sure you will too!!! The stitch count is 140 x 140 and on 28 ct. over 2 threads the design size will be 10" x 10". How great will this one look on some hand dyed linen??? I'll be adding this one to my stash!!!

"Jingle All the Way"

The following two designs come to us from Heaven and Earth Designs. They are incredible heartwarming designs that I wish I had the time to do. The first one showing is "Woodland Santa" and is the sweetest with all the woodland animals greeting Santa for a few minutes of peaceful play. The stitch count is 300 x332. They've suggested stitching over 1 on 25 count fabric but you can do it on any fabric you like. This will just change the finished design size.

"Woodland Santa"

Last but not least is "Merry Christmas To All"!!! This is the vision of every child at Christmas time!! It's stitch count is 300 by 375 and finished design size on 25 count over 1 is 12" x 15". Again, do it on whatever you like.

"Merry Christmas To All"

That'll do it for this post! I want to thank all of you for visiting my blog and to my new "followers" for joining! Hopefully this will get you in the Christmas spirit and spur you on to stitching all those wonderful Christmas projects!!!

"And to all a Good Night" ............. Anita

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Veterans Day is upon us and I would like to take a moment to honor ALL the brave men and women who have served and are presently serving to protect our great country!

"Proud and Free" was released just prior to the anniversary of "9/11" of this year. We must remind ourselves that we are proud and free only because of the brave.



I designed "Thank You For Serving" a couple of years ago to acknowledge my husbands service in the Army during Viet Nam. Times were much different then. Soldiers were not treated well when they returned home. They were not thanked for risking their lives. I wanted to thank him, and others, and let them know I was glad they could come home.


In closing, I would like to send out a special "THANKS FOR SERVING" to Brandon, Pam, Terry and Rick, not only on Veterans Day, but every day of their service.

Thank the veterans in your life for the freedom we take for granted, forgetting what costs they might have paid. And yes, "God Bless America".

Friday, October 30, 2009

Christmas Spirit ~ Ready or Not !!!

I guess I was so excited to get my first "real" post up and going I made an error on the type of frame that "Halloween Fun" uses. The style is actually "Folke Faire-Blackberry" from East Side Mouldings. Not much difference but if you are wanting to order from your local needlework shop (or us) it does make a difference. Also, all supplies to stitch this design are available from us, "The Sunflower Seed" !

As some of you are already aware, my Christmas ornament "Celtic Wreath" is featured in the "2009 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue"! I was extremely excited to see that it made the cover! My 2007 ornament, "A Star, A Star" was also a "cover-shot"!!! This years issue is packed with some really wonderful small projects that you can actually get done for this holiday season! Come by the shop and pick up your very own copy and "get stitch'in"!!!

"2009 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue"

Here's a better shot of "Celtic Wreath" hanging from
our shop Christmas tree!
"Celtic Wreath"

This is a photo of the 8th installment of my "Kansas Christmas" series. It features a well known rural landmark, the "Co-op Grain Elevator". You may stitch your own zip code at the top of the elevator if you like.
"Kansas Christmas VIII"

Several new "Sunflower Seed" designs are in the works! A couple are ready to go to print and another couple are waiting on frames and photos. Just a little "teaser", "Christmas Fun" will be out shortly!!!

Thanks for visiting my new blog. It's so exciting to see my new little "following"!!! I think this is going to be really fun and hope you enjoy reading it. Happy stitching to ALL!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I think I'm finally ready to get this blog rolling! After much thought about how I never have time to get a "shop newsletter" out (plus how old fashioned is that!!!) this seems to be the answer to the problem. Running the store and designing takes pretty much all of my time but I can work on this a little at a time, when there is such a thing as "spare time"!

We have so many Halloween and Fall designs here in the shop I almost hate to think about Christmas! Fall is my very favorite time of the year with the rich earthy colors, the sounds and smells of leaves blowing and fireplaces burning. Fall is a time to fill our homes with the aromas of stews and chili's, pumpkin bread and cookies. Mmmmmm!!! What can be better. Make yourself a cup of spiced tea and pick up your favorite cross stitch project and stitch those long dark evenings away!

"Halloween Fun" is new for this season. It's quick and easy to stitch and has a whimsey/primitive look to it. It's stitched on the beautiful Picture This "Barnwood" Cashel Linen. We used bright colorful hand dyed thread from Weeks Dye Works to stitch this fun piece. Add the wonderful "Primitive Pearls in Black" frame from East Side Mouldings, set it on an easel and you have a great Halloween decoration for your mantel or side table.

Monday, September 14, 2009

A Begining--Here We Go

This is the beginning of my blog. More to come later.

Happy Stitching