Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What Else Is Going On Around Here?

I myself haven't been stitching so much lately. Not sure why, maybe just a little burnt out. I have, on the other hand, been doing a bit of knitting; some fun things for my sweet little granddaughter! Here's a photo of the felted Halloween bag I made for her which turned out REALLY cute!!! (and so soft!!!)

Then, here's a little red sweater I've knitted for the soft little teddy bear she carries around when she's at "Gi-Gi and Poppy's" house. I think I just needed some quick easy projects that I could finish up fast to obtain that sense of "finish" that we all seem to need at times. That instant gratification thing!

However, market in Nashville is in the very near horizon so I have to get "CRACKING"!!! I do have several pieces "in the works", it's just sticking with them that seems to be the problem. Last night I did stitch a while on my largest piece for Nashville debut. It's a companion piece to last years "Song of Solomon" stitched on R&R hand dyed linen and with Crescent Colors Belle Soie silk. OMG, that is the most wonderful thread to work with!!! If you haven't tried it, you MUST!!! I can't show you a photo of this new design since it will not be released until February. Well, maybe just a "teaser"!!!

I have 2 new Christmas designs just about ready for release! I'm expceting photos to be delivered sometime today so, check back VERY, VERY soon as we'll have those posted ASAP!!!

Until later ...................Anita

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