Monday, November 19, 2012

"Newbie's" at The Seed!!!

It's been a busy "Fall" here at the shop!  I've had time to get more organized in my office and get caught up on lots of things that I was behind on!!!  People are whizzing in to purchase items to make for Christmas gifts and Life in general is "awesome"!!! 

Somewhere in between all that, I've had some time to design and stitch up some smaller pieces that incorporate some larger count fabrics, some fiber that you may not have tried yet (you should, it's wonderful!!!), and some really cute buttons.  These designs are quick to stitch and they break the monotony of everyday stitching.  I have kits made up for all of these so order quickly!!!  As some of you found out, the last kits I had sold as soon as this post went out!!!

"Hardanger Pumpkin" is back!!!  As you may remember, the fabric used on the previous kit had been discontinued so the new one uses 18 Ct. Dirty Cork Linen.  It looks just as striking as the previous fabric!!!  Design size is 4.2" x 4.2".
"Hardanger Pumpkin" (option 2!)
"Mini Autumn" is an adorable little fall design using a "happy, happy, happy" little scarecrow button from Wichelt Imports.  This fabric is 25 Ct. Mushroom Lugana stitched over 2 threads.  Kits are available using Gentle Art Sampler Threads or DMC threads.  Super cute, super quick!!  Will other Mini Seasons follow???  Design size is 4.8" x.8".

"Mini Autumn"
"Hardanger Christmas Tree" is another design, stitched on 18 Ct. Natural Linen.  It also uses Gentle Art Sampler Wool thread (which is a dream to work with).  It also uses a larger gold bead which adds some definite sparkle to this piece!  I stand it diagonally on an easel so that the tree is upright.  Looks pretty awesome!!!   Kits are also available.   Design size is 4.5" x 4.5".
"Hardanger Christmas Tree"
"Mini Peace" is a fun little design to work on.  Peaceful and relaxing!  You can almost hear those snowflakes falling!  This design is in kit form only at this point since the 20 Ct. Amsterdam Blue Lugana is another discontinued fabric.  Wow, we have quite a time with fabrics these days. I believe I have found an alternate fabric to use in the future though.  The darling little Dove button from Wichelt Imports sets off it's magic!!!  Fibers used are Gentle Art Sampler Thread and DMC.  Design size is 4.2" X 4.2".  
"Mini Peace"
That's it for now!  Please go to the previous post regarding the "Metropolitan Ballet of Topeka" Fund Raiser Designs.  We still have chart packs available for purchase.  Only $5.00 each!!  Please call us to order your copies or come on by the shop.  
It's a great cause, let's support
our local arts!
Happy Thanksgiving to All!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~Anita