Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January 2013 !!! Happy New Year to All !!!

January is nearly gone already, it's hard to believe!!!  We had a wonderful Christmas and New Years with our beautiful granddaughters Chloe and Zoe.  They are growing so fast and developing into quite the little characters!!!  I made them Mickey Mouse hats this year and here they are modeling them for you!!!  The hats were a little big but kids grow so fast they'll be snug in no time!!!
I make my hubby a Deer ornament each year.  This years design is from Prairie Schooler.  It turned out nice and he has enough ornaments now that we've started his own small "Deer Tree"!!!
My Granddaughters got Mill Hill Santa ornaments.  These are the "Snow Drift" Santas.  I decided they should be identical so they wouldn't think one was better than the other!  I really love making these kits, they're soooooo much fun!!!
As you may recall, last month we had a drawing with all the coupons that were turned in.  Sorry we didn't get the winner announced earlier, but, better late than NEVER!!!!  Our winner is Sue Wild!!!!!!!  She has won a very handy-dandy "Portable Foot Rest"!!!  These are wonderful, I use mine all the time!!!  They fold up flat and you can drop them in your stitch bag and off to a retreat you go!!!  They relieve stress on your lower back by raising your legs just enough to keep you comfortable during long stitching jags!!! Congratulations Sue!!!  Hope you will enjoy it!!!
January is usually my time to get things cleaned and organized but this January has been something of a "frenzy" at home AND here at the shop!!!  Things have been moved around and reorganized and cleaned out!!!  My new attitude is "out with the old and in with the new".  After 13 years, I needed a little change in here! 
The cutting counter is now in the center of the shop and...
the seating area is along the wall toward the back of the shop.
The front windows are all open now and the sunshine can come in and, we can see out much better!!!  Daisy likes the extra "sun spots" to bask in!!!!
Along with the New Year a few changes are being made.  Everything seems to be going up; rent, insurance, utilities, product and supplies. 
I've never profited selling DMC floss.  The chain stores buy in bulk therefore get discounts which I cannot do.  Basically, I have been selling my DMC at cost for the past 13 years in order to stay consistent with the other stores in town.  Our DMC will now be .63 per skein, still NOT what I should be selling it for.  I'm sorry to have to do this but in order to stay in business this is one change that has to be made.
Also, fabric cutting may be another area where change will be made.  We have an incredible amount of waste with the fabrics which are very expensive, and MUCH harder to get these days.  Instead of cutting to size needed we may be switching to fat halves, fat quarters, etc.  It saddens me to throw away a 2" x 18" or more of these wonderful fabrics.
With that said, I'd like to offer our pre-cut/packages of fabrics at a 25% discount for the remainder of January.  As said earlier, "Out with the Old, in With the New"!!!  Please present this coupon to purchase these fabrics and also enter into a new drawing!!!!!
If anyone is interested I have decided to sell a portion of my Longaberger Collection.  I just have too many and I doubt that my kids are going to want them all!!!  Here's a few that I have on the shelf at the moment and I will add to this periodically as I come across them.  They are priced but also have "OBO" (or best offer) on the tag!  There's a lot more where these came from!!! 
The subject of a "Sunflower Seed Retreat" has resurfaced again recently so I have compiled a little questionnaire that you can fill out and return to us so we can get a better idea of what type of gathering you would be interested in.  We will also have some questionnaires printed out here in the shop if you'd like to stop by, fill one out and discuss your ideas.  You could also
e-mail me at sunflowerseed3@gmail.com with any suggestions or ideas that you may have.  We thought we might start with a "one day" event and see how that went before we jumped into a full week-end type of thing.  I know there are a lot of "seasoned" retreaters out there with good ideas!  Tell us what you liked or disliked about other retreats.  We've never done one but think it would be lots of fun if we have enough interest.  Also, if there are any of you that might like to help us get this rolling please let us know.  Your input is greatly appreciated!   If you left click on the picture below then right click you should be able to "print picture" and get a full page questionnaire.
This is a little lengthy but lots to think about!  I wanted to get it all down before I forgot something!!! 
May your New Year be filled with lots of stitching projects!!!  Come see us soon!!!...............Anita