Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall ~ It's The Most Wonderful Time of The Year!!!

In my book anyway!!! I got in the car early this morning and drove through the neighborhood enjoying some of the wonderful color that fall has to offer. The streets were still quiet so I could stop anytime I wanted and shoot through the windows! Sadly, some of the trees are bare already but there's still a lot of beauty to be seen. I hope you'll enjoy some of God's greatest work!

Burning Bush in my back yard. I loves these bushes. That red is so vibrant!
Almost like "Weeks" Garnet!!!

Some bittersweet down the road along a bridge. It's just covered with berries!!!

Beautiful Mums in the yard of a friend. Awesome!

I've recently released a couple new designs. "Igor McScott" was so fun to design and pretty quick to stitch. If you hurry you could get it done in time for Halloween!!! There is a story behind "Igor"; he's actually REAL. This little bat has lived under the backdoor eave of the Scott's home for several years. so they decided to give the little guy a name. He's no trouble at all and probably eats his weight in mosquito's and other unwanted bugs in their yard many times over. He's greeted daily by the family and the dogs don't mind his presence!!! "Hang" in there Igor, for many years to come!!!

"Igor McScott"

"Warm Christmas Wishes" is another quick stitch so you can have it ready for your Christmas decorating. It was stitched using The Gentle Arts "Simply Wool" fiber which stitches like a dream! You may use the same-named cotton threads if you prefer but you should at least try the wools. They're awesome. This is a great design to try them out since there are just a few colors required.

"Warm Christmas Wishes"

"Floral Scissor Keeper" was released early in the month. The chart includes both the front and back designs along with an upper case alphabet to personalize your very own scissor keeper. A very quick stitch and use some of your own antique buttons to embellish. I rushed (not sure of the correct spelling of this technique!)some pretty ribbon and stitched it on all around the edge then added a ribbon bow for some extra "fu-fu"!!! Finishing instructions and shape pattern are also included.

"Front View" of "Floral Scissor Keeper"

"Back View" of "Floral Scissor Keeper"

I have to take breaks after doing some designing so I stitch up some little pieces by other designers. I knew I had to stitch the "NEW" Blackbird "Waiting for the Harvest". I did change the color of both floss and linen. I used R&R "Witches Brew" and Gentle Arts "Wrought Iron". I'm stitching some other little Halloween items using these colors and wanted them all to coordinate. This photo depicts the fabric as beige but it is actually rather orange! How does this happen!!!

"Waiting for the Harvest" by Blackbird Designs

Below is a little piece I stitched last night. I needed a really quick project to get that "finally finished something" feeling!!! Again I used "Witches Brew" linen; still too light in the photo! This design is by Blue Ribbon Designs, "Afraid of the Dark". This chart has several "littles" pieces to make a pinkeep, scissor fob, needlebook and floss ring tag. I want to do them all but this will have to do for now!!! Love the bat designs these days!!!

"Afraid of the Dark" by Blue Ribbon Designs

Some evenings my eyes are just too tired to cross stitch so that's when I pick up a knitting project. I recently purchased this yummy yarn at "The Yarn Barn" in Lawrence. I've shopped there for years (since the mid 70's) and thoroughly enjoy each and every visit I make there!!! This yarn is a sport weight of 100% Alpaca Wool so it's sooooooo soft. Alpaca has become my favorite wool for items that wrap around my neck. No scratchy feeling! I hate scratchy!!! I chose a "Fern" pattern from my very old book of pattern designs. I used a size 9 needle so that it was a bit more airy and less dense. I like how it's coming out! I decided to make several narrow scarves to "liven" up a rather plain top for the winter. They will not only "jazz" up the wardrobe but also keep my neck warmer without much weight.

"Fern" patterned scarf ~ 100% Alpaca Yarn

Finished off the 2 Blackbird designs from a previous post. However, I didn't get a photo taken of the red version. Maybe next time!!! I sewed this together using some felted wool for the backing. Filled it with "lizard litter" for a really nice "squishy" feel! I then used a picot shell stitch to crochet around the edge adding a button in the picot as I went along. Turned out really cute! This "dresser pillow" was made for my aunt so hopefully I will get out to see her one of these days soon to deliver it!

"Dresser Pillow for my Aunt Rena"

I can't believe how much time it takes to do these blogs!!! Time just flies by. No wonder I don't do it more often!!! I really need to get something done around the house today, or not, so I will close with some extra special fall wishes to you all. Go outside, smell some mums in your neighbors yard and take a brisk walk and enjoy what's left of those gorgeous trees!

As I look out my dining room window this is what I see in the fall. The plumes of this gorgeous grass turn amber in the fall and it truly does "wave" in the wind. I don't get to see the "waving" wheat fields of my childhood much anymore, but this does just fine for me!!! It's beautiful!

Neighbor's "Amber Waves"

My front door is ready for the many "Candy Creepers" that will soon line our sidewalks!!! Can't wait to see my little girls dressed in their costumes!!! Chloe will be a "princess" and Zoe will be a "mermaid" this year!!!

Happy Fall and Happy Halloween to All !!!~~~~~~~~~~~~Anita