Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy "1-Month Birthday" Zoe !!!

June 29, 2010 was a most "spectacular" day for our family, the day "ZOE MARIE" made her long awaited debut!!! The family waiting room was filled with 2 sets of very anxious Grandparents, 1 Great Grandfather, 2 Great Grandmothers, an Uncle, an Aunt and a Cousin. After a long day of waiting; watching TV, knitting, reading magazines, eating lunch, taking turns in the birthing room to "check in" on the progress, my husband finally got a text that read: "Send in the Grandmas!!!!!" We grabbed our "pass" and sped down the hall choking back the tears of joy!!! What a beautiful sight!!! She was alert and looking around like, "where the heck am I now"!!! We took lots of pictures of her with "Mommy and Daddy" and got our first "hold" later that evening. It's truly amazing!!! We are so Blessed to have another healthy, beautiful little girl!

"The Birth of a Child Reaffirms
the Miracle of Life"

This Photo: 2 1/2 weeks old ~ 1st trip to our house!!!

"Happy 1-Month Birthday Zoe", can't wait to see you again soon!!!

A short post this time as many of you have been asking about our new "little one". It's back to work now, designing and running the shop, vacation's over; ~~~ boo...!!! I'll be designing Zoe's Birth Sampler soon so it can be ready for her "1st Birthday"! My next post should have some UFO updates and hopefully photos of some "NEW" designs that will be released very soon!!! I'm waiting on a couple frames and working on some usable photos. Sometimes that's a real challenge!

In the meantime....Happy Stitching!!!........................Anita