Thursday, June 24, 2010

"Waiting on Zoe" !!!

It dawned on me a few weeks back that I had started this wonderful Grandmother design, "Blessings Sampler" by Wild-Heart Designs, when we were blessed with our darling granddaughter Chloe. It's about 1/2 done at this point. Now that the days are getting closer to the arrival of our second granddaughter, Zoe, I went to my studio and retrieved it from my UFO drawers, yes, drawers, and have been working on it again. I will hopefully finish it this year and will have a sweet, sweet memory of working on it while awaiting the birth of both sweet little girl cousins! The completed sampler will read, "The love and devotion I gave to my child I thought I could give to no other, But life held a lovely surprise for me the day I became a Grandmother!" Thank you Wild-Heart Designs!!! That says it all!!!

"Blessings Sampler" by Wild-Heart Designs
Stitch Count: 115 W x 341 H
I'm stitching this on 30 Ct. R&R Kansas City Blend Linen
so the design size will be: 14" x 29"
I'm using the called for fibers from Weeks Dye Works

I'm also working on "Zoe's" Christmas Stocking in between my other projects. Here's the progress so far. Jamie picked out this "Shepherd's Bush" design and I offered to make it for her. Sandy, Jamie's mom was going to stitch it but she had been helping with all the nursery items, curtains, crib canopy, painting, and decorating I thought she maybe needed a break! Since I don't live near them, this is how I can contribute. I hope Zoe will like it!!!

"Elizabeth's Stocking" by Shepherd's Bush
110 W x 170 H
18 Ct. Natural Linen

While rummaging through my UFO's I found this little piece that just needed the last two squares filled in. Why do I put something aside when it's nearly finished??? I do it all the time, do you??? Sometimes I think I'm loving this so much I don't want it to end. That wasn't the case with this piece though. I remember I had taken this to hockey practices (wow that WAS a long time ago!!!) and kept making mistakes on the little back stitch curly-q's on the "A". Guess this just wasn't the project for hockey!!! Annnny---whooooo, it has since been finished and I took it to the framer last week!!! TA-DAAAA!!! One down, several hundred to go!!!!
"A Diminutive Dutch Sampler" by Barrick Samplers
183 W x 35 H
I converted the DMC to GA Sampler Threads and stitched it on some
of my own "grungy" hand dyed 28 Ct. linen.

Below is another UFO that I started about a year ago. Not much progress but that's okay. However, I better get back to it since it's being stitched on 40 Ct. linen. The eyes aren't getting any younger! These sweet little designs are by "Little House Needleworks". I'm planning on doing 6 of these "Little Women Virtues" all together on this 40 Ct. Antique Cotton Linen from R&R. I'm leaving out the little rectangles where you can put someones name in. These designs come as thread packs with Crescent Colors Belle Soie Silk threads. The designers choice of colors are so beautiful and the designs are just so adorable I couldn't resist! My placement will be "Gentle & Kind", "Soft & Sweet", "Loving & Faithful", "Strong & Beautiful", Joyful & Caring", "Always & Forever".
Designs by "Little House Needleworks"
I'm using 40 Ct. Antique Cotton Linen from R&R
1 strand Belle Soie over 2 linen threads
Approximate finished design size will be: 9 1/2" H x 7 1/4" W

Below is a design by "The Scarlet Letter" that I started "several" years ago. I love it, and someday, I'll finish it. It comes out of hiding every once in a while and I stitch on it a couple evenings, then something else takes precedence. Such is life! I know plenty of you have the same issues as I, there just is not enough time in one lifetime to stitch everything we love! I will keep the faith, however, that it will get finished! I converted the fibers to Weeks Dye Works and the fabric is either 32 or 35 Ct. R&R Cappuccino Linen (I think! ~ I didn't write it down anywhere!!! ~ oops!!!)
"Amy Ball 1810" by The Scarlet Letter
Stitch Count: 305 W x 375 H

It appears that I had better get with the business of stitching doesn't it!!! I know I'm in very good company as far as projects go. It seems that all avid stitchers are in the same boat!!! We must keep paddling, paddling, paddling on.................It's what keeps us going isn't it??? There's always another piece that "needs" us to carry on!!! So...... Stitch-On!!!!!

Until next time! ~~~~~~~ANITA

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

This is what I call the "WOW" Factor !!!

I wanted to share this "absolutely awe inspiring" sampler that was recently completed by one of my "stitching pals". We have it on display at the shop right now so please come and see it in person!!! Photos NEVER do a piece justice. You really have got to see this one!!! Reita stitched this beauty on 28 Ct. Natural Cashel Linen using Crescent Colours "Sister Scarlet" Belle Soie Silk. The design area measures 21 3/4" x 22 3/4". She set a goal of one year to complete this project and she came in 2 weeks ahead of her deadline!!! If you happened to notice a slight "quiver" in the earths atmosphere the day of completion, never fear, it was just Reita jumping for joy and shouting a giant "TA-Dah" !!!

"Scarlet Ribands" by Long Dog Samplers

Some new pattern arrivals in the shop follow below. We just got a new shipment from "European Cross Stitch" If you would like any of these designs or others you may see on their web site; just let us know. We're happy to do special ordering, we can't have everything here in the shop!!! Where's that winning lottery ticket anyway!
"Scarlet Ribands" by Long Dog Samplers
314 x 321 stitches

"Midnight in the Garden" by Sampler Cove
185 x 297 stitches

"Our Anniversary" by Sampler Cove
185 x 275 stitches

"Kaleidoscope Flower" by Sampler Cove
187 x 187 stitches

"Foursome Reel" by Long Dog Samplers
108 x 276 stitches, 104 x 132 stitches, 246 x 134 stitches

"Zucca" by Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks
201 x 190 stitches

"Cardinal Christmas Ball" by Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks
243 x 159 stitches

"Wedding Cake" by Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks
141 x 197 stitches

The remaining two designs are not from European Cross Stitch but of similar looks. Both are equally lovely!
"Alphabet Sampler I" by Lila's Studio
136 x 204 stitches

"Turkish Delight" by Ink Circles
195 x 139 stitches

I hope you've enjoyed the latest edition of "The Sunflower Seed" Blog! It's so much fun doing these and letting you in on some of the "new stuff" here at the shop. Until later, ENJOY!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~Anita

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Tribute to Kris

I wanted to share with you a special tribute series of charts that are in progress in the memory of Kris Stott. Kris and Dave Stott built Norden Crafts which is one of the finest distributors of needlework supplies and accessories for the cross stitch industry. "She was a wife, mother, grandmother, friend, businesswoman, artist, quilter, gardener and protector of all creatures in the animal kingdom, both large and small." This was taken from the back of the chart word for word because it describes Kris perfectly. Her daughter wanted to pay tribute in some way and asked designers to submit designs of specific dimensions, using a chosen fabric and color palette. The submissions were overwhelming, which shows just how much she was valued in this industry. So, seven charts will be published in her honor. A portion of the proceeds is being donated to various animal protection organizations in Kris's name. Also, on the back of the charts are "Remembrances of Kris" from the designers who contributed the portions of each chart.

Chart #1: "From the Heart"
Designs by: Katy Stott Fong, The Needle's Content, Amy Bruecken Designs, Twisted Threads, SamSarah Designs, With My Needle, Bent Creek and JBWDesigns

Chart #2 is called "Lady of the House" and is, of course, my favorite since it includes my design portion!!! In my design, Kris is standing there with a heart that fills her bodice, overflowing with love for all the things she stood for. The hearts growing on the plant represent Kris and Dave and the family that blossomed, son Matt, daughter Katy and their grandchildren. The yellow flowers in the border represent, of course, Sunflowers!

Chart #2 "Lady of the House"
Designers: Rosewood Manor, Heart in Hand, Glory Bee, GPA Designs, The Cricket Collection, Homespun Elegance, The Sunflower Seed, Little House Needleworks and Waxing Moon Designs

I stitched and framed my portion of the design before submitting the pattern to Katy. I wanted to make sure I had my charting correct. The initials are KS, 09; Kris Stott and the year of her passing.

Design by "The Sunflower Seed"

Because Kris loved ALL animals so much I will close with a photo of our "Sweet Betsy". Even though she barks and growls at just about everyone that comes through the door here at the shop, once she knows you she is the sweetest "old girl" ever! She spends most of her days napping but around 4:30 every afternoon I get a little "1 hour warning". She comes to me wagging her tail and "warbling"!!! I'm sure she's telling me to get things cleaned up and put away, pack your bag and get ready to go home cause I'm gett'in hungry!!!

Betsy's bed under my desk!

Please let me know if you are interested in either, or both, of "Kris's Stitches" charts. I will be more than happy to gather up the supplies and mail them to you wherever you may be. They are delightful designs and if you're an animal lover you'll be helping many less fortunate, plus getting a beautiful stitched project to enjoy for many years to come! Stay tuned for additions to this series.

Happy Stitching ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Anita

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Exciting Times Ahead !!!

I guess it's been a couple weeks now that my BFF Reina, sister Paula and I traveled to the middle of the State to attend a baby shower for my "adorable" daughter-in-law Jamie!! I've never seen so much "PINK" or so many wonderful and beautiful baby gifts in my life!!! It was so much fun! It took a van, an SUV and a car or two to bring all the "goodies" home. Son Harrison was overwhelmed with it all!!! Guys are so funny!!! This little girl will be the best dressed baby ever!!!
"Gi-Gi Anita" and "Mommy Jamie"

Besides cross stitching, I also love to knit. I wanted to make some special things for "Zoe" that might add a little "pizzaz" to some of her ensambles!!! Below is the ultimate "Box~O~Booties"!!! I tagged them all with fiber content and washing instructions.

I found the pattern for the "Heirloom Bootie" below in one of my Interweave Knit magazines and absolutely fell in love with them. I only had one finished at the time of the shower but wanted to include it in the box anyway. They are made of 100% Cashmere.....mmmmmm, SOOOO soft!(The mate is almost done!)
"Heirloom Booties" ~ 100% Cashmere

Below is a little pair of variegated pink booties laced with some soft "polk-a-dot" ribbon! Jamie likes "polka-a-dots" !!! This yarn was the only acrylic yarn I used. It is, however, awfully soft.
"Varegated Pink Booties"

I'm not sure that these are even wearable !!! but they were so cute I had to make these adorable "Mini Mary Jane's" anyway!!! They could just be a cute decoration if nothing else. Harrison could hang them from his rear view mirror!!! This yarn is Bamboo, Cotton and Nylon and very soft too!
"Mini Mary Jane's"

Below is a matching cap and bootie set. Made of 100% Cotton yarn, very pink and also very soft. I found some really sweet floral ribbon to use for the bootie laces and made a cute little bow and flower decoration on the cap.
"Sweet Baby" Set

Last but not least, I made this little soft yellow pair of socks for "down the road" a bit. Maybe 8-12 months of age. This yarn is Bamboo, Merino Wool and Silk...awesome!!!!!

"Party-Time Lace Socks"

All the booties are very stretchy so hopefully they will fit for a few months. Whatever the case, I had a ball making all of them!!! What else is a "Gi-Gi" to do while waiting the arrival of a new "Granddaughter"!!!
Until next time...... Stitch, Knit, Crochet, Draw; ......whatever you love, be creative!!! ~~~~~~~~Anita