Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Tribute to Kris

I wanted to share with you a special tribute series of charts that are in progress in the memory of Kris Stott. Kris and Dave Stott built Norden Crafts which is one of the finest distributors of needlework supplies and accessories for the cross stitch industry. "She was a wife, mother, grandmother, friend, businesswoman, artist, quilter, gardener and protector of all creatures in the animal kingdom, both large and small." This was taken from the back of the chart word for word because it describes Kris perfectly. Her daughter wanted to pay tribute in some way and asked designers to submit designs of specific dimensions, using a chosen fabric and color palette. The submissions were overwhelming, which shows just how much she was valued in this industry. So, seven charts will be published in her honor. A portion of the proceeds is being donated to various animal protection organizations in Kris's name. Also, on the back of the charts are "Remembrances of Kris" from the designers who contributed the portions of each chart.

Chart #1: "From the Heart"
Designs by: Katy Stott Fong, The Needle's Content, Amy Bruecken Designs, Twisted Threads, SamSarah Designs, With My Needle, Bent Creek and JBWDesigns

Chart #2 is called "Lady of the House" and is, of course, my favorite since it includes my design portion!!! In my design, Kris is standing there with a heart that fills her bodice, overflowing with love for all the things she stood for. The hearts growing on the plant represent Kris and Dave and the family that blossomed, son Matt, daughter Katy and their grandchildren. The yellow flowers in the border represent, of course, Sunflowers!

Chart #2 "Lady of the House"
Designers: Rosewood Manor, Heart in Hand, Glory Bee, GPA Designs, The Cricket Collection, Homespun Elegance, The Sunflower Seed, Little House Needleworks and Waxing Moon Designs

I stitched and framed my portion of the design before submitting the pattern to Katy. I wanted to make sure I had my charting correct. The initials are KS, 09; Kris Stott and the year of her passing.

Design by "The Sunflower Seed"

Because Kris loved ALL animals so much I will close with a photo of our "Sweet Betsy". Even though she barks and growls at just about everyone that comes through the door here at the shop, once she knows you she is the sweetest "old girl" ever! She spends most of her days napping but around 4:30 every afternoon I get a little "1 hour warning". She comes to me wagging her tail and "warbling"!!! I'm sure she's telling me to get things cleaned up and put away, pack your bag and get ready to go home cause I'm gett'in hungry!!!

Betsy's bed under my desk!

Please let me know if you are interested in either, or both, of "Kris's Stitches" charts. I will be more than happy to gather up the supplies and mail them to you wherever you may be. They are delightful designs and if you're an animal lover you'll be helping many less fortunate, plus getting a beautiful stitched project to enjoy for many years to come! Stay tuned for additions to this series.

Happy Stitching ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Anita

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