Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Finally ~~~ A Spare Moment !!!

As soon as we're through with Nashville Market, preparations begin for our "Heartland Cross Stitch Shop Hop" held just a few weeks after. Therefore, not much time for blogging! Then after the Hop, I was busy knitting "little pink" things for our "soon to be granddaughter's" baby shower. More on that topic in another post!

We had a great Hop this year with the theme being "Christmas". I designed the border and the other participating shops designed the individual inner designs. Each shop then stitches the designs as they choose. We have always stitched and framed the complete sampler so we have a complete model for all to see. We also added buttons for a little extra "pazzazzz"! (You must attend the Hop and visit all the shops to get ALL the portions of the sampler. Sorry, the patterns are not available otherwise.) A great big "thanks" to ALL who attended making this event such a success!!!

"Border Close-up"

"2010 Heartland Cross Stitch Shop Hop Sampler"

Below is a booklet I released just in time for the Hop. It's called "Lovely Alphabet" and contains the upper case of all letters. I had previously sold each letter individually and decided to put them all together in a book. The reception was absolutely awesome!!! When stitched on 14 or 28Ct. these designs fit into these coasters shown in the photo below. They are also very "lovely" framed! This booklet is only available through our shop at this time. They are somewhat labor intensive so not sure I will release them to my distributors yet. (Maybe after I've gotten some more rest!!!)

"Lovely Alphabet"

I have always put together a special kit for each Hop and below is the "2010 Hop Kit". It is called "Deck the Halls" with 2 little ladies decorating their tree for the holidays. The design was packaged with the pattern and fabric, tied with an organza bow and a star ornament for your own Christmas tree! We also had some frames on hand for sale. A quick, cute stitch! (Just a little hint...this design will be implemented into a larger design to be released a bit later, in time for the holidays!)

"Deck the Halls"

In years past I have also had "handpainted" Sunflower items available to the "Hoppers" for sale. I've had several different shapes and sizes of snippet jars and a couple of different shaped magnetic needle cases. This year I thought since the theme was "Christmas" I would paint up a bunch of glass balls, tie some "Happy Holiday's" ribbon on them and they could be filled with "snippets" if you so desired! Otherwise, just hang them on your tree empty, just as lovely!!! They made a fun hit!!!

"Waiting for packaging!"

Each ornament was packaged in their own gift box!!!

That about does it for this post! Thanks so much for stopping by and hopefully I can do better in the future. There's just so much to do and the days and nights just seem to be getting shorter. What's up with that anyway??? We're having lots of rain these days here in Kansas so this withered little "Sunflower Seed" is rising up through the muddy soil and working on some new designs again!!!

"Happy Stitching" ~ ~ ~ ~ Anita