Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It's That Time Of Year !!!

Where does the time go??? I honestly don't know!!! Once again it is time to mark your calendars for the upcoming "Heartland Cross Stitch Shop Hop". The dates are listed in the photo below along with a "sneak peek" of this years sampler!!!

The Sunflower Seed will have a few "special" things waiting for you and below is a little "teaser" of what they might be.....can you figure them out????

What could they be?????

We have a few new designs recently released or soon to be released. They're hot off the press and ready for you to take home!"It is What it Is"
One floss color so a very quick stitch!!!

This was the masthead for the Topeka Magazine
issue that featured The Sunflower Seed

"Monogram Candlescreens"
This design is for the larger screen and.....
This design is for the smaller screen.
The chart includes a full alphabet.

We have a few new models displayed in the shop at the moment. Come by and take a look, they're pretty "sweet" !!!
"Weeds Make Haste" by
Shakespeare's Peddler

"Snowglobes" by
Bent Creek
**This is a 3-part kit series.

"A Quaker Halloween Sampler" by
Cherished Stitches
**We have 2 beautiful models of this design.

We've fallen in love with these adorable "Word Play" designs by Brenda Gervais, Country Stitches. I'm getting ready to "finish" these this week! Kathy has started stitching a third one so I want to stay on top of these before she gets too far ahead of me!!!

"February" and "March" Word Play
"April" and "May" Word Play

"Saturday Stitch-In"~~~ If you would like to join us on any Saturday to stitch, come on in! You're welcome to come every Saturday or whenever you can. Hanging out with those who love to stitch is time well spent. We have a comfortable seating area and large table if needed. We open at 10 and close at 3 on Saturday. Juli's Coffee Shop has wonderful sandwiches for lunch or there's always McDonalds and Wendys close by. All we ask is that if you bring any drink it needs to be in a tightly capped container. We don't want any spills. Hope to see you!!! Let's get some of those projects done!!!

Can't wait to see you during the "HOP"!!!

Happy Stitching~~~~~~~~~~~~~Anita