Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Time continues to fly by whether I want it to or not!  Sadly, the time has come to begin an "inventory reduction" sale. 

Now is the time to take an inventory of your own!   Make a list of threads and fabrics you may need to finish up designs you already have.  And, you will want/need to add a few new patterns to your stash for your future stitching needs.  Sale begins today:

                 20% OFF 
"Everything In The Store"
(with the exclusion of Weeks, Sampler & Crescent Color threads)

       2/$5.00 "Sunflower Seed"
                    Bagged Patterns Only
 (NEW "Kansas Christmas" Ornament Books and newer 8 1/2 x 11 layout patterns are not included)

Display furniture and models will also be available for sale as time goes on.  If you are interested in some of the models or display pieces, please leave your name and phone number and which items you're interested in with Kathy or Judy and we'll get back with you when they become available.  As I'm cleaning out drawers there will also be ribbons, braids and fabrics for finishing ornaments and pillows for sale.  Some office-type items will be for sale also.

Speaking of the "NEW" Kansas Christmas Ornament Book, they are "GOING FAST"!!!!!  This is a book containing ALL 10 of my Kansas Xmas designs.  If they are sold out by the time you visit us, leave your name and payment and we will get a reprint of these books.  They would make great Christmas gifts for your stitching friends.

Hope to see you soon!!!...............Anita

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Something "NEW" in my life!!!

Some of you may know my news already but I imagine a lot of you don't.  I've had a rather busy and alarming summer!  Early July brought me a diagnosis of "Multiple Myeloma".  This is a type of cancer that produces high proteins in the bone marrow, which swells the marrow until it has no where to go, which, eventually starts breaking the bones.  I saw my P.A. in June with rib pain, (my Dr. "poo-pooed" me)!!!  Thank heaven for this conscientious P.A.  She referred me to an oncologist and thus the diagnosis.   My ribs were cracked!!!   I have been doing chemo here twice a week since early July and this will continue through most of October.  After that I will spend 10 days to two weeks at KU MED for bone marrow transplants.  A donor is not needed as they extract my own, do their magic to it, then replace it!!!  Crazy huh???!!!

Great strides have been made in the development of drugs for the treatment of this disease therefore, my prognosis is VERY GOOD!!!  I have been responding very well to treatment so far. 

As you can imagine, many things go through a person's mind when faced with something like this.  I have a very POSITIVE attitude and truly believe I will come through this okay!!!  But, it does make a person weigh their priorities.  I do feel that I should spend more time with my family.  Travel with my husband with his job on occasion, and see the granddaughters more.  

Bill and I have been talking about this quite a bit lately as you can imagine and we've decided that we would like to sell the shop.  I really would hate to see Topeka without a needlework shop!!!  If anyone is at all interested, please let me know as soon as possible.  Otherwise we may be closing at the end of the year.

I've had a very fun 14 years with the shop.  I've loved just about every minute of it!!!  I've met some really wonderful people and made some really fun friends.  I feel very fortunate to have been able to pursue my dream of being a needlework shop owner!!!  It truly has been a labor of love. 

I am only in the shop Tuesday, Wednesday and most Saturday's.  Kathy and Judy are manning the other days.  Susan and Laurie have helped out when needed on Saturdays.  I can't thank them enough for all their help!  Hours may be shortened on occasion depending on how I'm feeling. When treatments begin at KU, I will not be in at all so there may be an occasional day here and there we will have to be closed.  You may want to call first to make sure we are here.

In closing, I want to THANK those of you who have sent cards, well wishes and prayers.   It means a lot to me!  I'll take all the prayers I can get!!!  Not a one will be turned away!!!

Thanks so much!  ............... Anita

Friday, July 12, 2013

A Short Little Post!

Just received my "Ordering Information" regarding the "NEW" Lizzie-Kate Mystery Sampler, "Holly and Hearts", scheduled to start shipping on Sept. 3.  It's a 3-part "mystery" design with options for you to choose from.  This design will be using "Doubloon" fabric from Picture This Plus and you may choose from 28 or 32 Count Linen, 14 or 16 Count Aida.  A 12-skein thread packet will also be available.  I will be taking orders for this sampler so please give us a call at 785-228-0588 and let us know your preferences.  Pre-payment on the first installment of the chart, fabric and fibers is required.   Charts are $8.00 each (3), Linen will be $16.20, Aida will be $11.80 and the thread packet will be $26.40.  Please decide early so we are assured of getting our fabrics and threads without delay.    Part 2 will be shipped Oct. 1 and Part 3, Nov. 1. 

Here's the very first "SNEAK PEEK" of  "Holly and Hearts"! 
 Pretty colors!!
 Just received my ornament back from "Annies" which now publishes "Just Cross Stitch" magazine.  (Sorry for the "not so great" photos but I was in a hurry to get this information out to you all!)  This is a double sided ornament featured in the latest issue of "Just Cross Stitch" otherwise known as the "preview" to the Christmas Ornament Issue.  I will also have an ornament in that issue coming out in September.  This current issue is available on the news stands "N O W" so run out and get yourself a copy!!!

 Here's what the cover looks like so you can spot it right off at the store!!!
Thought you might like to know that our "Sweet Daisy" turned 6 years old on July 7 !!!!  If I'd had it "together" we would have thrown her a birthday party here at the shop!!!  She did get a part of a muffin with a candle the "morning of" and she seemed quite pleased with that!!!  Plus, Granddaughter Zoe was there to sing "Happy Birthday" to her!!!  Come on by and wish her a "Happy Belated B-Day" anyway!!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It's pouring like crazy right now!!!  Good for the garden and flowers, won't have to water tonight!
We have a new batch of the awesome "Sunflower Seed Mesh Bags"  that debuted during the Hop!!!  The Large ones sold out super fast so that's what we ordered in.  Sue Wild had a wonderful idea of stitching my "Kansas Xmas X" Sunflower on the front of hers!!!  Looks amazing and have sold several more just because of her model!!!  Come by and take a look if you haven't already seen it!!!  Thanks Sue, never even crossed my mind to do that!!!
 We received the "new" Little House "Song of the Seasons" Mystery Sampler very recently.  We have fabric and floss packs to go along with this design.  (At present, we are awaiting the arrival of more fabric but it has been shipped so any day now!) There are to be three parts of this "mystery" so if you're interested, please give us a call right away and reserve your goodies!  Everything this designer does is  beautiful, so, no matter what, the "mystery" is bound to be good!!!
We received our shipment of "My Name is Lidya" books but then there was a re-call, too many errors in the book.  Just got word the other day that our new copies should be shipped in the next week or two.  Again, if you want one, please call us to reserve a copy.  Oops!!!  UPS JUST DELIVERED THEM!!!!!  A lovely 68 page book!
We have Blackbird Designs Agnes Platt's Strawberry Sampler (Loose Feathers-Spring 2013).  BB always has such beautiful books and leaflets, they're a joy to browse through.  I especially like the small design in the lower right corner.  Lovely colors and charming theme!
"Two Bees and ABC's" by Rosewood Manor is a lovely floral design which we don't seem to get too many of.  I'm sure the photo does not do this piece justice.  Spring and Summer just radiates from this beautiful sampler.
Many of you dog lovers out there will want this "Devoted Friend" chart from Stoney Creek!   It pretty much says "it all"!!!  Our pets are with us such a short time that we truly OWE it to them to give them THE BEST LIFE POSSIBLE that we can.  I can't begin to tell you what Daisy means to me!!!  I just hope she REALLY knows it!!!  She really LOVES coming to work every day and seeing you all!!!
 "Silver Creek Samplers" has a couple new designs out that I just love.  Unfortunately the photo of my favorite one somehow got lost in the uploads!  It's verse is; "Life is quickly racing by, adventures fill the open sky, Do not wait to take a try, just be a bird and dare to Fly"!!!  Don't you love it!!!!  And below is "Sing a Sampler Series" Part 3 of 4.  So cute!!!
 Shepherd's Bush "Hive and Home" really speaks to me for some reason!!!  Guess it's because I've really gotten into my yard this past couple of years.  This design is on it's way to the shop as we speak!  Thought this was so adorable, done together or done one by one!!!  Add a little "outdoors" to your "indoors"!!!
 I love this little design made up as a shelf pillow or cabinet hanger!!!  "True Friend" by The Nebby Needle.  Surely we all have a friend we can make and give this to??!!!
 Once again, the garden speaks!!!  "My Garden" makes a fun relaxing stitch. Can't you hear the birds just looking at this piece!!!  This one will be in my "to do" stack!!!
"New York Dreamer" has released "America" which goes right along with the "Summer Time" that was posted on the previous blog.  So cute and right in time for the Independence holiday coming up!

Bits and Pieces:

**We have a couple of beautiful 32 Ct. Lakeside Linen cuts available here at the shop.  These will be sold as full cuts only.  Please come by or call us if you are interested; 785-228-0588.  They are gorgeous!
18 x 27 cut of "Lentil"
27 x 36 cut of Antique Gold

**We have "Sign-Up" sheets for the Just Cross Stitch Halloween and Christmas Issues here at the shop.  If you haven't signed up already, call us and we'll get your name down to reserve a copy.
**We've received a number of "returned" blog e-mail updates from the previous blog update.  If you are not getting the updates or you know friends that are not getting them, please check your "spam" folders to see if they are there.  If they are, please add us to your address book so you get them.  Or, call us with correct e-mail addresses.  Thanks!
**Just a reminder that we have a variety of stitched "models" for sale.  If you need a gift or just want them yourself this is a great way to obtain some  needlework at a fraction of the cost and time to stitch them yourself!!!  Check them out next time you're in the shop.
Last but not least, we are offering a
15% discount on:
Packaged Fabrics
Now through July! 
That about does it for now!  It's too hot and humid to be outside so come on in and let's get to stitching!!!!!.....................Anita


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summertime Will Be Here Before We Know It!

SPRING is nearly over and hopefully the storms that have gone along with it.  We've been very lucky in this area and feel so badly for those in Oklahoma.  We cannot even imagine!
The final design of my "Mini" seasons series is now out and many of you have already purchased it and I thank you so much!  We have it in kit form and also chart-only.  If interested, give us a call and let us know which choice you would like!
Finally finished a design for myself  which I started shortly after my 1st Granddaughter was born.  I posted progress on it some blogs back and pulled it out again this Spring to get it finished.  Chloe is now 5 and Zoe will be 3 later this month!   The verse reads:  "The love and devotion I gave to my child I thought I could give to no other. But life held a lovely surprise for me the day I became a Grandmother" I made a few changes to the Wild Heart Design; "Blessings Sampler" as one band was not working out with the fabric I chose to use.  I left it out then added the band at the bottom with the girls initials, birth year, wrought by me and year in the center bottom.  I did change the color of the flowers in the large bottom band as I thought it needed a little more "punch"!  I LOVE how it turned out and can hardly wait to hang in at home to enjoy.  However, it will be on display at the shop for a time and if you are interested in the pattern, please let me know ASAP and I will order a supply in.  The cost of the pattern is $18.00.
"Blessings Sampler" by Wild Heart Designs

Listed below are a few designs that have already "arrived" or, "on their way" to the shop!  Anytime you see a design on someone else's web site or blog that you think you might like, please give us a call or come by and we'll be happy to order those in for you if at all possible.  Help keep us alive by patronizing your local businesses. 
Get ready for summer with:
"Summer Time" by New York Dreamer
I especially like this one as it
reminds me of my oldest Sister!
"Feed Them Well" by The Scarlett House
"Holiday Sweet Shop" by Little House Needleworks
"Faith" Sheep Virtue by Little House Needleworks
A little Summer sweetness!
"Blessings For All" by Designs by Lisa
Love the Witches, Scissors and Threads!
"Proper Sisters" by Pineberry Lane
Adorable Halloween kit!
"Who Trio" by Mill Hill
So excited!!! Additional kits for the
Nativity Set!!!!!
"Gloria" by Mill Hill
"Benjamin" by Mill Hill
"Luke" by Mill Hill
"Cool Quartet" by Mill Hill
"Village Inn" by Mill Hill
"Chickadee" by Mill Hill
"Holiday Memories" by Mill Hill
"Williamsburg Santa" by Mill Hill
"Jamestown Santa" by Mill Hill
"Plymouth Santa" by Mill Hill
"Shepherd Ornament" by Alesandra Adelaide
"Christmas Tree" by Alesandra Adelaide
A little fabric update:  After waiting 2 years we now have a supply of 10Ct. Sand Tula in stock!!!!  Guess there was enough grumbling to the manufacturers they FINALLY got the hint!!!  We also have 30 Ct. R&R Espresso on the way.  Other R&R fabrics also, but,  right now I can't remember what they were !!!  My bad!!!
It is June now so maybe thoughts of Christmas stitching are entering your mind.  If you're thinking of stockings for someone special, ya better get cracking!!!  Please let us know if there's anything we can do for you!!!
One more thing, we are now taking names for the upcoming Just Cross Stitch Halloween Issue and the Christmas Ornament Issue!!!  Come by or give us a call and we'll add your name to the list!  Reserve your copy now!
Until next time......
"Stay Calm and Stitch On" !!!.........Anita

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Are You Ready to "HOP"??? !!!

Doesn't seem possible but....we're about 2 weeks away from the "12th Annual Heartland Cross Stitch Shop Hop"!!!  Gather your "gal pals" and head out for some fun!  Don't forget to pick up your passport wherever you start your journey!
We just got word yesterday afternoon that "Two The Point" will not be participating this year so I've included the updated hop flyer with the participating shop addresses for your convenience.  Never fear, our grand prize and drawing certificates will be the same as always!
Each shop will have their own "special promotions/door prizes".  Along with our "specials" shown below (might be a couple more if I can "get it together"!) you will also receive a "free" gift bag with the purchase of $10.00 or more!
A few "sneak peeks"  for ya from The Sunflower Seed !!!  Below, a cute little finish idea for your hop freebie from us!  If time allows, we may have some supply kits for you to purchase so you too can have this cute remembrance of your 2013 Hop!!! 

 A special little kit will be available which is a separate "new" design that any book lover will want!!!  Kit comes with graph, charm, perforated paper and plastic sleeve.  All you need are the threads!  Limited amount, so make sure you get here early!
 Here's something we're really excited about, our very own project bags!!!!  Again, they're sure to go fast so......you know what to do, right? 
Julie, Julie, Julie.....just for you!!!!!  Thanks for keeping after me, as many others have too!!!  I won't have a model stitched but at least the graph will be available.  We know the size and colors from the "dog" chart so hopefully that will suffice for the time being.  Just wanted to have it ready for the Hop!  Hope you all like it!

Time is running out!!! I have a few things to finish up so, I had better kick it into gear PDQ!!! 
Hope to see you all
May 2,3,4!!!  ...............Anita

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

We're Just "Marching" Right Along!!!

Today is Granddaughter Chloe's 5th Birthday!!!  Where does the time go???  I sang "Happy Birthday" to her over the phone this morning (now her mother will have to take her to a hearing specialist!!!).  She informed me that she was 5 now and that this is her "actual" birthday!  We will celebrate together on Sunday!!!

Market was this past week end in Nashville so there are new things trickling into the shop now.  I did not go this year as I spent the week before in Oregon visiting my oldest sister.  I did however release 2 small designs in time for the market.  "White Winter"  and "Spectacular Spring".  These are stitched on 25 count Lugana over 2, easy to work on and quick to stitch!  "Awesome Autumn" was released previously. 
 "White Winter"
 "Spectacular Spring"
Our February drawing winner isssssssss.......   Denise Creech!!!!  Denise has won a "Sunflower Seed" gadget block!!!  It includes a beautifully turned laying tool, a magnetized needle slot and the front slot is for stitching scissors!  Congrats Denise, hope you enjoy it!!!

St. Patty's Day is almost here but not too late to get a little design stitched up for your celebration!  We have a number of small designs to get you in the "Irish Spirit"!!!  Come check them out!
 A few of the "NEW" designs have arrived from Prairie Schooler, Little House, Country Cottage, Crown and Thistle, and Homespun Elegance.  New Lizzie Kate will be coming very soon too!!!

We've gathered several "Stitch-In" questionnaires and compiled the results of those.  Everyone please look this over and if you have other ideas please let us know.  If there are no other suggestions we'll make our decisions and post them in the next blog or two.  I think this would be a very fun event.  Tell other stitchers that may not be on our mailing list too!  The more, the merrier!!!
Think that's it for now.  Hope you all have a "Happy St. Patty's Day"!!!......Anita