Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It's pouring like crazy right now!!!  Good for the garden and flowers, won't have to water tonight!
We have a new batch of the awesome "Sunflower Seed Mesh Bags"  that debuted during the Hop!!!  The Large ones sold out super fast so that's what we ordered in.  Sue Wild had a wonderful idea of stitching my "Kansas Xmas X" Sunflower on the front of hers!!!  Looks amazing and have sold several more just because of her model!!!  Come by and take a look if you haven't already seen it!!!  Thanks Sue, never even crossed my mind to do that!!!
 We received the "new" Little House "Song of the Seasons" Mystery Sampler very recently.  We have fabric and floss packs to go along with this design.  (At present, we are awaiting the arrival of more fabric but it has been shipped so any day now!) There are to be three parts of this "mystery" so if you're interested, please give us a call right away and reserve your goodies!  Everything this designer does is  beautiful, so, no matter what, the "mystery" is bound to be good!!!
We received our shipment of "My Name is Lidya" books but then there was a re-call, too many errors in the book.  Just got word the other day that our new copies should be shipped in the next week or two.  Again, if you want one, please call us to reserve a copy.  Oops!!!  UPS JUST DELIVERED THEM!!!!!  A lovely 68 page book!
We have Blackbird Designs Agnes Platt's Strawberry Sampler (Loose Feathers-Spring 2013).  BB always has such beautiful books and leaflets, they're a joy to browse through.  I especially like the small design in the lower right corner.  Lovely colors and charming theme!
"Two Bees and ABC's" by Rosewood Manor is a lovely floral design which we don't seem to get too many of.  I'm sure the photo does not do this piece justice.  Spring and Summer just radiates from this beautiful sampler.
Many of you dog lovers out there will want this "Devoted Friend" chart from Stoney Creek!   It pretty much says "it all"!!!  Our pets are with us such a short time that we truly OWE it to them to give them THE BEST LIFE POSSIBLE that we can.  I can't begin to tell you what Daisy means to me!!!  I just hope she REALLY knows it!!!  She really LOVES coming to work every day and seeing you all!!!
 "Silver Creek Samplers" has a couple new designs out that I just love.  Unfortunately the photo of my favorite one somehow got lost in the uploads!  It's verse is; "Life is quickly racing by, adventures fill the open sky, Do not wait to take a try, just be a bird and dare to Fly"!!!  Don't you love it!!!!  And below is "Sing a Sampler Series" Part 3 of 4.  So cute!!!
 Shepherd's Bush "Hive and Home" really speaks to me for some reason!!!  Guess it's because I've really gotten into my yard this past couple of years.  This design is on it's way to the shop as we speak!  Thought this was so adorable, done together or done one by one!!!  Add a little "outdoors" to your "indoors"!!!
 I love this little design made up as a shelf pillow or cabinet hanger!!!  "True Friend" by The Nebby Needle.  Surely we all have a friend we can make and give this to??!!!
 Once again, the garden speaks!!!  "My Garden" makes a fun relaxing stitch. Can't you hear the birds just looking at this piece!!!  This one will be in my "to do" stack!!!
"New York Dreamer" has released "America" which goes right along with the "Summer Time" that was posted on the previous blog.  So cute and right in time for the Independence holiday coming up!

Bits and Pieces:

**We have a couple of beautiful 32 Ct. Lakeside Linen cuts available here at the shop.  These will be sold as full cuts only.  Please come by or call us if you are interested; 785-228-0588.  They are gorgeous!
18 x 27 cut of "Lentil"
27 x 36 cut of Antique Gold

**We have "Sign-Up" sheets for the Just Cross Stitch Halloween and Christmas Issues here at the shop.  If you haven't signed up already, call us and we'll get your name down to reserve a copy.
**We've received a number of "returned" blog e-mail updates from the previous blog update.  If you are not getting the updates or you know friends that are not getting them, please check your "spam" folders to see if they are there.  If they are, please add us to your address book so you get them.  Or, call us with correct e-mail addresses.  Thanks!
**Just a reminder that we have a variety of stitched "models" for sale.  If you need a gift or just want them yourself this is a great way to obtain some  needlework at a fraction of the cost and time to stitch them yourself!!!  Check them out next time you're in the shop.
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That about does it for now!  It's too hot and humid to be outside so come on in and let's get to stitching!!!!!.....................Anita


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  1. Hello Anita,
    Where can I buy the "Two Bees and ABC" Rosewood Manor kit. I do not find in France. Can you help me please. Thank you. (my mail: christine-france@orange.fr). Friendship embroiderer. Christine