Friday, July 12, 2013

A Short Little Post!

Just received my "Ordering Information" regarding the "NEW" Lizzie-Kate Mystery Sampler, "Holly and Hearts", scheduled to start shipping on Sept. 3.  It's a 3-part "mystery" design with options for you to choose from.  This design will be using "Doubloon" fabric from Picture This Plus and you may choose from 28 or 32 Count Linen, 14 or 16 Count Aida.  A 12-skein thread packet will also be available.  I will be taking orders for this sampler so please give us a call at 785-228-0588 and let us know your preferences.  Pre-payment on the first installment of the chart, fabric and fibers is required.   Charts are $8.00 each (3), Linen will be $16.20, Aida will be $11.80 and the thread packet will be $26.40.  Please decide early so we are assured of getting our fabrics and threads without delay.    Part 2 will be shipped Oct. 1 and Part 3, Nov. 1. 

Here's the very first "SNEAK PEEK" of  "Holly and Hearts"! 
 Pretty colors!!
 Just received my ornament back from "Annies" which now publishes "Just Cross Stitch" magazine.  (Sorry for the "not so great" photos but I was in a hurry to get this information out to you all!)  This is a double sided ornament featured in the latest issue of "Just Cross Stitch" otherwise known as the "preview" to the Christmas Ornament Issue.  I will also have an ornament in that issue coming out in September.  This current issue is available on the news stands "N O W" so run out and get yourself a copy!!!

 Here's what the cover looks like so you can spot it right off at the store!!!
Thought you might like to know that our "Sweet Daisy" turned 6 years old on July 7 !!!!  If I'd had it "together" we would have thrown her a birthday party here at the shop!!!  She did get a part of a muffin with a candle the "morning of" and she seemed quite pleased with that!!!  Plus, Granddaughter Zoe was there to sing "Happy Birthday" to her!!!  Come on by and wish her a "Happy Belated B-Day" anyway!!!

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