Monday, January 9, 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR ~ 2012 !!

Happy New Year to everyone!!! I've started out my new year with a bang!!! I've closed the shop from Christmas to New Year's every year since starting the business 12 years ago. Normally I travel with my hubby to wherever he's working and spend a week relaxing. This year I decided to stay home and "weed out" the basement and get some control over the mess. What a week I had! Everything is organized and in its place, for now anyway. It feels so good and now I can focus on stitching and knitting!!!


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January 10-31, 2012

This first photo is out of sequence, however it's so cute it deserves "1st Place"!!! I knitted "Hello Kitty" hats for my darling granddaughters, Zoe (left) and Chloe (right). The girls looked so cute in them however, Zoe has plenty of room for growth!!! Very nice Christmas, note the 46 degrees on our clock!!!

Some new Sunflower Seed designs released prior to the holidays were, "Silver Bells", "Holiday Sampler" and the 7 "Lil" designs!!!

"Silver Bells"
Stitched on 30 Ct. Cafe Kona from R&R Reproductions

"Holiday Sampler"
Stitched on 28 Ct. Natural Cashel Linen from Wichelt Imports

"Lil Valentine" - "Lil St. Patty's" - "Lil Easter"
"Lil July 4th" - "Lil Halloween"

"Lil Thanksgiving" - "Lil Christmas"
Stitched on 28 Ct. Lambswool Linen from Wichelt Imports

Back to the knitting! Made Zoe a cute little "jester" hat with matching pink mittens. It's a funny little hat! I missed fixing the red eyes, darn. Her extremely blue eyes are spectacular!!!

Made Chloe a little "french girl" tam. Thought her dark curls would be so cute peeking out from under!!!

Also made Chloe a little apron so she could help her "Pretty Mama" out in the kitchen.

I had so much fun knitting Bill and I some stockings this year. I think it only took a week each to knit. I really love them!

Back to stitching! I've been making Bill an ornament with some kind of deer in it for several years now. This year was a Prairie Schooler design. They are always fun and quick to stitch.

Next are the ornaments I made for Chloe and Zoe. I decided that their Christmas ornaments would be what they were dressed as on Halloween the previous year. So, Chloe was a pink princess and Zoe was a mermaid.

"Pikes Peak" Santa was made for son Harrison and his wife Jamie. He proposed to her on top of Pikes Peak! "Poland" Nutcracker was made for son Morgan and his wife Kate. I've made several other countries for them.

I also stitched 2 ornaments over my "break" and am working on a couple new designs for 2012. Now is a good time to continue working on some Christmas to get a jump on the next holiday season. With the sale we're having now is a great time to pick up some new projects to work on in the coming months. Come on by or if you're out of town, give us a call (785-228-0588)and we can "fix you up" !!!

HAPPY STITCHING....................Anita