Wednesday, June 15, 2011


It's a great time to get out some of those stitched pieces and get them framed up and ready for Christmas gifts! I know you've got a bunch of them in a drawer somewhere, so get em out, bring em in and we'll get you some great frames from East Side Mouldings! You can stretch them youself or we can do it here at the shop. We'll run a little "Christmas in July sale...only in June though!!! The deal is; 15% off your frame purchase through June 30. The stretching fee (which is pretty minor) is extra. Below are a few examples of what I'll be framing this week. As you can see we have quite a few very nice primitive type mouldings available. A large variety of colors, widths and textures.

The "Primitive Pearls" and " Folke Faire" seem to be the most popular right now with many of our customers. The "French Farms" are gaining popularity too with their rosettes in the corners! I'll be using one of these on my NEW design "America" which will be coming out soon.

Below are the narrower mouldings available in many colors and either flat and painted solid, rubbed edges or grooved.

Dig those finished projects out, get em in here and some of your Christmas gift giving will be finished up before you know it and at a great savings!!!

Stay tuned for another post hopefully relatively soon with NEW designs being released and some exciting magazine news!!!

Happy Stitching.........................Anita