Sunday, August 1, 2010

Some "NEW" stuff and "UFO" update!!!

After all the excitement and distraction of welcoming our new granddaughter to the family it's been hard to get back to the realities of my business. It's a new balancing act of emotions but, I've actually made some progress recently! Hurrah!!! I've finished stitching a few small projects, framed a couple and designed, stitched and finished 3 "NEW" Kansas Ornaments. I'm feeling pretty good at the moment!!! Sometimes you just have to switch gears, do some smaller projects and actually finish them in order to continue on with those larger projects. It's a breath of fresh air!!!

"Always and Forever" by Little House Needleworks has been in my stash of projects to do but just recently called out to me! You know, there were other things that needed to be done first but "so what" !!! First I thought I would make it for Bill for Christmas but then "dah" realized that our 25th Wedding Anniversary would be 1-1-11!!! How cool is that????? So, I went to my studio and dug through my drawer of small fabric swatches and found this R&R 30 Ct. Apple Brown Bindy which was perfectly sized! I then went to my silk box and pulled "Finnigan's Fog" Silk 'n Colors from The Thread Gatherer and voila! it all came together. I'm going to frame it in East Side Mouldings Primitive Pearls - Black which I think has just arrived, I haven't completely unpacked a recent shipment of frames. I love how it turned out and will probably hang it in our bedroom as that's where our wedding sampler resides. This photo is a little fuzzy but when I get it framed maybe I can show a better photo. It stitched up very quickly which added to the excitement!!!

"Always & Forever" by Little House Needleworks

Below is "Celtic Alphabet" by The Courtney Collection that I recently finished and had framed. I again used some R&R 30 Ct. fabric (can't remember at the moment what it was) and again used some Thread Gatherer Silk 'n Colors, "Rusty Amber" that was in my silk box. Our wonderful "Frame Warehouse" did this beautiful frame job for me.

"Celtic Alphabet" by The Courtney Collection

Below is "Mr. Candy Cane Man" by Homespun Elegance. I started stitching this piece when the weather was still freezing and thought I better get it finished up for the upcoming holiday season. This was very fun to stitch! I added a brass snowflake in place of the bird that the designer used. I used R&R Creek Bed Brown 30 ct. linen and used the floss colors specified by the designer. I love how it turned out!

"Mr. Candy Cane Man" by Homespun Elegance


This year's addition to The Sunflower Seed's "Kansas Xmas Collection" is here and ready for you to stitch!!! This year features a happy little pig rooting around in the mud with the ever present rooster perched on the fence! You can almost hear him crowing!!! There will be only one more of these designs which will make a total of a 10 year collection!!! We have a stitcher who is making these into a wall quilt and hopefully we will have it to display in the shop someday!!! She is very anxious to get the last design and I have agreed to allow her to have it soon so she can finish up her quilt this year!!! Can't wait to see it Corrina!!!

"Kansas Xmas IX" by The Sunflower Seed

"Merry Topeka" was stitched on 30 ct. R&R Korty's Special Blend over 2 threads using 2 strands of The Gentle Art Sampler Threads; Pine, Cranberry and Gold Leaf. A very quick stitch to make for holiday gifts. I have also designed numerous other Kansas cities to fit into this design. I'll be happy to do "special requests" for you. I've already done one California city for someone! They're fun!!!

"Merry Topeka" by The Sunflower Seed

Next we have "Merry Kansas" featuring our well known agricultural commodity, wheat. I love how the wheat beards turned out. The photo is okay but you have to see it in person to really appreciate it's dimension. I stitched this design on the same fabric as the "Merry Topeka" however it's a different dye lot so it's a bit different in shade. Come on by the shop if you can and check it out. I added some organza and metallic ribbons along with a "jingle bell" for fun!

"Merry Kansas" by The Sunflower Seed

And ~~~ "The UFO Up-Date"!!! Below is the "Diminutive Dutch Sampler" from a previous post, finished and framed beautifully by our very own"Frame Warehouse" here in Topeka. They do such a beautiful job! I think I picked the perfect moulding for this piece. Right now it's in my home studio! Yummy!!!

"Diminutive Dutch Sampler" by Barrick Samplers

Last but not least is a bit of progress on my "Blessings Sampler" by Wild Heart Designs. It's coming along but just wish I had more time to work on it. It will be beautiful!!

"Blessings Sampler" by Wild Heart Designs

So, I think that's enough for now. It's been fun! And, sometimes frustrating with "Blogger", but I've been patient!!! The days have been very hot and humid here in Eastern Kansas. I for one don't spend much time out side these days. It's a good time to enjoy lots of iced tea and stay inside and stitch the week end afternoons away. I can't think on anything better, well, except maybe to hug and squeeze one of my beautiful granddaughters!!!

"Stay Cool ~~~ Stitch Lots!!!" .......................Anita