Sunday, March 14, 2010

What's Been Flying Out The Door!!!

We've really been busy here at the shop since returning from Nashville. All our market orders are out and things are getting back to normal!!! I think!!! However, we're gearing up for the upcoming "Heartland Cross Stitch Shop Hop" which is Thursday, Friday and Saturday, April 29, 30 and May 1. Mark your calendars 'cause you won't want to miss the "crazy fun that'll be happ'nin"!!!

I think we're all just about sick of winter so I'm going to start out with a new Spring design that'll be sure to lift up everyones spirits and get to thinking of new spring grass rising through the ground along with flowers, bunnies and lovely Spring colors. Just envision it in your mind and maybe it'll actually happen soon!!!

This first design is ofcourse from "Prairie Schooler"!!! What a nice mix of Spring things!!! Sweet ducks and adorable rabbits, a spring lamb and we can't forget some chickens!!! Quick stitches to "egg-on" Spring !!!

"Signs of Spring"
by Prairie Schooler

The latest edition of Hawk Run is here and it's fabulous!!! It's always wonderful to see the actual stitched models and photos can never due the piece justice. This is such a great design as you can stitch as many pieces of it as you like and make up your own sampler. Do each one individually and have 12 great pieces. I'm extra fond of this one as fall colors are my favorite. Love the "earthy" tones!

"Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow"
by Carriage House

This is a beautiful sampler that I got to actually see in Norden Crafts exhibit room. It's a "one color" sampler which stitches up much quicker and it was just beautiful. The wording is so wonderful!

"I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm"
by Heartstring Samplery

This is what we're all doing,"Waiting for Spring"!!! This little snowman is really cute and looks like he's preparing for Easter whatever the climate!!
"Waiting For Spring"
by Val's Stuff

Another cute little snowman from Val's. Seems like everyone loves snowmen, any time of year!
"A Little Bit of Snow"
by Val's Stuff

Looks like this little guy is preparing for the Spring rainy season!!! Everyone chuckles at him when they see him here in the shop!!! That's a good thing!!!

"LeggySnowman" by Heart and Hand

"I've traveled across both sea and land to collect needlework treasures so exquisite and grand." How wonderful is that!!!

"Schoolgirl Samplings"
by Blue Ribbon

There were several alphabet samplers that caught my eye at this market. This one from La-D-Da is one of them. One color on some great hand-dyed linen. I think these caught my attention partly because 2 year old Chloe has learned to recognize all letters of the alphabet now and was thinking how fun to stitch her an alphabet of her own!!!

"ABCD" by La-D-Da

This is another great alphabet! Love the extra touches to each letter and the border is so fun!!

"Wicked Alphabet"
by Primitive Needle

The following Blackbird Designs have been very popular here at the shop. They are ordered, sold and ordered again and again!!! Be sure to leave your name so we can reserve one just for you so you don't miss out! Honeysuckle Manor is a great book with soooo many projects for you to do.

"Honeysuckle Manor" book by Blackbird Designs

The next two samplers are the first of 13 leaflets to come. There is a diagram showing how you can put all these designs together into one large sampler. The 13th leaflet will have some extra designs that can be placed in the extra slots in this sampler. It will be oh so awesome when finished!!! However, you can also just pick the ones you love the most!!! Be sure to watch for the upcoming leaflets!!!

"Snow Garden"
by Blackbird Designs
(1st chart)

"Valentine Rose"
by Blackbird Designs
(2nd chart)

The following 2 designs are some really great small projects that make up in some wonderful pin cushions. You could also frame these if you prefer but either way they are quick to stitch, feel good projects!!!

"Blue Bird"
by Blackbird Designs

"Bird In Hand"
by Blackbird Designs

This is the 4th installment of Little House's ornament series. How cute is this?!!!

"Snowy Pines"
by Little House Needleworks

Here's a couple new designs from JBW Designs. One color stitching makes for a fast finish!!!
"French Country Butterfly"
by JBW Designs
"The Queen Bee"
by JBW Designs

Last but not least we have a cute pastel "Easter Samplings" from Lizzie Kate. Again, I'm really wishing for Spring!!! It can't come too soon!!!

"Easter Samplings"

by Lizzie Kate"

I know this has been long but there's just sooooo much to show! Obviously, I can't show ALL or stock ALL so if there's ever anything that I can "special order" in for you, don't hesitate to ask. If you want, you may cruise; or If you find anything there I certainly can order it in for you. (You cannot order direct from them) We usually have a fairly quick turn around so there's not much waiting time.

I hope you've enjoyed this latest edition of our blog. I certainly appreciate your visits and your comments are welcomed and much appreciated.

Here's leaving you with wishes for many happy hours of of creative stitching!!! ~~~Anita