Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summertime Will Be Here Before We Know It!

SPRING is nearly over and hopefully the storms that have gone along with it.  We've been very lucky in this area and feel so badly for those in Oklahoma.  We cannot even imagine!
The final design of my "Mini" seasons series is now out and many of you have already purchased it and I thank you so much!  We have it in kit form and also chart-only.  If interested, give us a call and let us know which choice you would like!
Finally finished a design for myself  which I started shortly after my 1st Granddaughter was born.  I posted progress on it some blogs back and pulled it out again this Spring to get it finished.  Chloe is now 5 and Zoe will be 3 later this month!   The verse reads:  "The love and devotion I gave to my child I thought I could give to no other. But life held a lovely surprise for me the day I became a Grandmother" I made a few changes to the Wild Heart Design; "Blessings Sampler" as one band was not working out with the fabric I chose to use.  I left it out then added the band at the bottom with the girls initials, birth year, wrought by me and year in the center bottom.  I did change the color of the flowers in the large bottom band as I thought it needed a little more "punch"!  I LOVE how it turned out and can hardly wait to hang in at home to enjoy.  However, it will be on display at the shop for a time and if you are interested in the pattern, please let me know ASAP and I will order a supply in.  The cost of the pattern is $18.00.
"Blessings Sampler" by Wild Heart Designs

Listed below are a few designs that have already "arrived" or, "on their way" to the shop!  Anytime you see a design on someone else's web site or blog that you think you might like, please give us a call or come by and we'll be happy to order those in for you if at all possible.  Help keep us alive by patronizing your local businesses. 
Get ready for summer with:
"Summer Time" by New York Dreamer
I especially like this one as it
reminds me of my oldest Sister!
"Feed Them Well" by The Scarlett House
"Holiday Sweet Shop" by Little House Needleworks
"Faith" Sheep Virtue by Little House Needleworks
A little Summer sweetness!
"Blessings For All" by Designs by Lisa
Love the Witches, Scissors and Threads!
"Proper Sisters" by Pineberry Lane
Adorable Halloween kit!
"Who Trio" by Mill Hill
So excited!!! Additional kits for the
Nativity Set!!!!!
"Gloria" by Mill Hill
"Benjamin" by Mill Hill
"Luke" by Mill Hill
"Cool Quartet" by Mill Hill
"Village Inn" by Mill Hill
"Chickadee" by Mill Hill
"Holiday Memories" by Mill Hill
"Williamsburg Santa" by Mill Hill
"Jamestown Santa" by Mill Hill
"Plymouth Santa" by Mill Hill
"Shepherd Ornament" by Alesandra Adelaide
"Christmas Tree" by Alesandra Adelaide
A little fabric update:  After waiting 2 years we now have a supply of 10Ct. Sand Tula in stock!!!!  Guess there was enough grumbling to the manufacturers they FINALLY got the hint!!!  We also have 30 Ct. R&R Espresso on the way.  Other R&R fabrics also, but,  right now I can't remember what they were !!!  My bad!!!
It is June now so maybe thoughts of Christmas stitching are entering your mind.  If you're thinking of stockings for someone special, ya better get cracking!!!  Please let us know if there's anything we can do for you!!!
One more thing, we are now taking names for the upcoming Just Cross Stitch Halloween Issue and the Christmas Ornament Issue!!!  Come by or give us a call and we'll add your name to the list!  Reserve your copy now!
Until next time......
"Stay Calm and Stitch On" !!!.........Anita

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