Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Are You Ready to "HOP"??? !!!

Doesn't seem possible but....we're about 2 weeks away from the "12th Annual Heartland Cross Stitch Shop Hop"!!!  Gather your "gal pals" and head out for some fun!  Don't forget to pick up your passport wherever you start your journey!
We just got word yesterday afternoon that "Two The Point" will not be participating this year so I've included the updated hop flyer with the participating shop addresses for your convenience.  Never fear, our grand prize and drawing certificates will be the same as always!
Each shop will have their own "special promotions/door prizes".  Along with our "specials" shown below (might be a couple more if I can "get it together"!) you will also receive a "free" gift bag with the purchase of $10.00 or more!
A few "sneak peeks"  for ya from The Sunflower Seed !!!  Below, a cute little finish idea for your hop freebie from us!  If time allows, we may have some supply kits for you to purchase so you too can have this cute remembrance of your 2013 Hop!!! 

 A special little kit will be available which is a separate "new" design that any book lover will want!!!  Kit comes with graph, charm, perforated paper and plastic sleeve.  All you need are the threads!  Limited amount, so make sure you get here early!
 Here's something we're really excited about, our very own project bags!!!!  Again, they're sure to go fast know what to do, right? 
Julie, Julie, Julie.....just for you!!!!!  Thanks for keeping after me, as many others have too!!!  I won't have a model stitched but at least the graph will be available.  We know the size and colors from the "dog" chart so hopefully that will suffice for the time being.  Just wanted to have it ready for the Hop!  Hope you all like it!

Time is running out!!! I have a few things to finish up so, I had better kick it into gear PDQ!!! 
Hope to see you all
May 2,3,4!!!  ...............Anita

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