Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Think'in 'bout Christmas Yet???

It's hard to imagine but.....things are beginning to arrive here in the shop with Christmas thoughts in mind!  These Mill Hill Kits are such wonderful "quick" projects you can stitch up in a couple of sittings.  They are great items to attach to a gift package, hang on your tree or use as magnets or lapel pins.  The uses are unlimited!  Some of these have already arrived and some we are still waiting on.  They "go fast" so you may want to "jump" on these and get a head start on some of your Holiday stitching!

I'm sure a lot of you have gotten information about the "Lizzie Kate Mystery Sampler Club" so this is a reminder for you.  If you are interested in participating in this you must call or come by and sign up for this 3-part project.  I'll need to know if you are wanting the fabric and floss packets that go along with this sampler.  1 floss color is being created especially for this sampler and it will not come available to everyone else until September but you can get it now by ordering the packet of floss. (19 skeins total for this project)  The fabric is a 30 Ct. Weeks Dye Works linen and the color is being kept secret until the first of the three patterns is released.  There will also be a bonus pattern included in each release.  Release dates are:  June 27, July 27 and August 27.

We also have a sneak peak at this years Just Cross Stitch Halloween Magazine Issue.  Again, if you would like a copy of this you need to come in or give us a call (785-228-0588) to reserve your copy.  Pre-payment is required and if you are not local, Visa, MC and Discover are accepted.  There will also be another "Halloween Collection Book" published this year.  Last year's was such a success they are doing it again.  I was asked again this year to design a project for this publication!!  We are anxiously awaiting a sneak of this new book!!!

Thoughts of Independence!!!  July 4th is just around the corner!  Here's a trio of designs from The Sunflower Seed that are "do-able" stitches you could actually have done in time!!! 

 "America 2012"
 "Proud and Free"

"The Sunflower Seed" is working on a couple (or 3) new designs to be released in the near future.  One is ready to photograph, one is almost stitched and one is designed!!!  One design is a sweet little piece honoring our beloved little shop dog "Betsy" that we sadly lost this past September.  (Never fear---Daisy is still here!)  I knew I wanted to do something for her and finally came up with the idea of using a small design which will also include her collar and tags.  The chart will include 2 color ways; for male and female.  Hopefully it will release sometime next month.  Stay tuned, all dog lovers will want this.  Now I've been asked to do one for cats, which, may come along a bit later. 

One last word, please, "Support Your Local Needlework Shops".  If you don't, they cannot stay in business.  If you see something on the internet, first, ask your local shop if they can get it for you.  Generally they are more than happy to order in these items for you.  Just because you don't see something in their shop doesn't mean they can't get it,  you need to ask them!!!  If you HAVE to purchase something on the internet, please at least purchase from an actual "BRICK AND MORTAR" store (not a business run from someones garage).  You will help keep these businesses ALIVE!  There's nothing like seeing the actual fabric, floss and stitched models that you encounter in a REAL needlework shop!!!  Thank you all for coming, I will step down from my "Soapbox" now !!!!!

Grab your needles and let's get stitching!!!........................................Anita


  1. Stopped in the shop and saw the "Betsy" piece--so nice! You need to post a picture of it too!

  2. We just put our 13-year-old Beagle to sleep due to kidney failure so I NEED that new piece! I also want the h
    Halloweeen magazines and the sampler so I guess I had better most over. :) Mary Franzen