Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Okay... I've had many responses regarding Betsy's design so... here's a photo!!!  I'm waiting on Frame Warehouse to finish framing the companion piece before I take the "official" photo for the pattern cover.  The companion piece will honor our Scottish Terrier Watson, Betsy's compandre!  We had Watson first, then adopted Betsy after the passing of my Father-in-Law.  Watson accepted her into the family without question which made life at our house much easier.  With 2 growing, active sons and neighborhood children coming and going, adding Betsy into the mix was an easy transition.  Watson loved her and we called her his "blonde bombshell" which he didn't seem to mind!!!   We love and miss them both and they will remain.... "Forever In My Heart!!!
"FOREVER IN MY HEART" by The Sunflower Seed
In a previous post I displayed the following "Word Play" designs before finishing.  Kathy has been stitching these sweet designs and I believe she is currently working on her 4th one.  "October" lies in "the drawer" waiting to be  finished!!!  I think they came out really nice and will be easy to store in their "off" months!
"February Word Play" by Brenda Gervais

"March Word Play" by Brenda Gervais
 The 4th of July is racing toward us and we have quite a few designs you could be working on now to show your patriotism!  We're currently waiting on a new shipment due in this week.  Come on by and "get your red, white and blue on"!!!!!
"Patriotic" display at The Sunflower Seed
Talk to you soon and "Happy Stitching" !!!  ...............................Anita


  1. I love your Betsy finish. I think that is a great tribute to Betsy. I have an 11 year old Westie and am trying to enjoy every day of his life for you never know. He has been with me through many things and is the greatest compaion to me and my husband

    1. Thanks so much! A pet adds so much to our lives. Betsy was 14 1/2 and Watson was 14. They have such personalities ya can't help but adore them!!