Monday, June 25, 2012


I could not believe it when I looked at the temp yesterday and saw that it was 104 degrees!!!  Come on, it's NOT August yet!  On the bright side however, there were some beautiful clouds above our neighbors house.  Can't get much bluer than that!
 Daisy was seeking shade anywhere she could find it.  Needless to say we stayed out only long enough to water plants!

New designs from Prairie Schooler have arrived!  They're all GREAT!!!  From Halloween to Santa, they'll all be great fun to stitch. 

 We also have lots of new Mill Hill  kits that have arrived so you can get started stitching on those during this HOT summer weather.  Might make you feel a little cooler stitching winter things!

 Had several comments on my display for "NEW" Sampler and Weeks threads!!!  We had been laying them on the table and now they seem to catch customers eyes a little better now.  An old Angel Food cake pan perched on top of a paper towel holder on top of a lazy susan!  I have many unusual goodies in my shop closet to make displays with!!!

 And, I use many different props to hold up a framed model!!  This one has brought about many comments and conversations!!!  This jar of beans is from my first garden probably 1976-77.  I got a good seal on it for sure! as it's liquid is clear and the beans are still nice and green!!!!  Not planning to eat them any time soon, I just like looking at them!

 A couple of beautiful Halloween models are in the shop at the moment.  Reita stitched the top one and Kathy stitched the 2nd one.  They're both beautifully stitched so you'll want to stop by and look them over while we have them on loan!

  "Thine is the Trick and the Treat" by Prairie Moon

 "Jenny Bean's Halloween Sampler" by Shakespeare's Peddler

Whenever I'm out watering, my neighbor-dog "Vinnie", usually comes to the fence for a little "neighborhood gossip" session!  We talk about his girlfriend, Dixie and how much he likes living with two little boys.  We didn't talk much yesterday.  All he really wanted was a drink from my sprayer and a little shower to cool off with.  He barked "Thanks" and ran off back to the house for a much needed nap I'm sure!!! 

Stay cool my friends and...stitch-on!~~~ Anita

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